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Finding Help with Kelp

Posted May 18 2011 6:27am

Referred to as the King of Greens, Kelp is actually seaweed that is extremely packed with various nutrients giving its user plenty of health benefits. Everyone knows how important it is to incorporate greens into their diet and that these greens can greatly improve your health in many ways, both inside and out. When we talk about greens we are NOT referring to just lettuce but rather we are talking about the good stuff like spinach, green beans, spirulina which is algae, and most importantly kelp!

kelp in sand Finding Help with Kelp

What Kelp Has to Offer you

Kelp has all sorts of nutrients which include vitamin B, magnesium, calcium, and its most important one of all, iodine. These are just few of its several healthy nutrients. Iodine is extremely important because it can help ones thyroid gland. If you are not aware of what it can do for your thyroid, it is this gland that is responsible for your energy levels and helps to metabolize fat. So you can see just how important it is! You may have heard of something called hypothyroidism which is caused by a deficiency in iron. This condition that is often over looked causes your thyroid to be under active. In many causes it is because the thyroid is lacking very important iodine.

Symptoms that Your Thyroid Needs Iodine

Some symptoms that you may experience from an under active thyroid includes feeling cold chills, having low levels of energy, gaining weight, feeling tired or fogged, and so on. While these are the symptoms, a blood test can be the real indicator however; often time’s patients are dismissed for the symptoms being caused by something else. Their thyroids will go without being properly treated.

Other Benefits of Kelp

Kelp is rich in calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which in turn strengthen our bones and heart. While both beneficial for men and women, women should consume kelp daily because it will assist in the replacement of the minerals lost during their menstrual cycle. Other benefits include helping with obesity, fatigue, constipation, and dry skin. It can also help with increasing blood cholesterol levels, assist with cold hands and feet, hair loss, poor digestion, assists in killing the herpes virus, and so on.

Kelp up close Finding Help with Kelp

Where to Get Kelp and How to Consume it

You can decide to purchase kelp as a supplement in capsule or powered form, or you can take a trip to your local supermarket and visit the Asian section. There you will find a type of kelp called Nori which is the same type of seaweed you find in wrapping sushi. All you really need are these sheets, to which you then rip them up into smaller pieces and consume them with your meals or throughout your day. If you purchase the powder supplement, you can sprinkle this on your foods throughout the day. As for the capsule form, take as directed on the instructions. Many people will use kelp as a supplement for salt while others use it as ingredients in their recipes , for example, some will use it as a thickener for chicken soup.

It is important to point out that since there is so much iodine in kelp, you may want to reframe from taking other supplements if they have iodine in them as well. Just as with anything else, too much is not good for you! It is also important to point out that if you believe you have thyroid disease such as hypothyroidism, you should contact your doctor. Kelp alone is not used as a medication to resolve your thyroid issues.

Kelp in Skin Care Products?

Kelp assists in healing dry skin but it can also be found in various skin care products. It can actually help with aging because of its beneficial minerals and vitamins. It keeps the skin to not only stay moisturized but nourished as well. The seaweed contains seawater which is very similar to human plasma. This is how kelp acts like an anti aging system. It is also used in different creams to treat cellulite because it works to rejuvenate the body’s tissue and enhance circulation.

Share With Us

If you have any personal favorite recipes in which include the ingredient of kelp, please share with us! We would also love to hear from you if you have experienced positive benefits from this natural supplement. Whether you have witnessed weight loss, balance in iodine levels, skin enhancement, and so on from this product please let us know about it!


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