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Finally A Natural Remedy For Gallstones That Will Dissolve And Cure Gallstones

Posted Jul 19 2009 10:16pm

Is there really a natural remedy for gallstones? Or does everything in this modern world have to end in surgery. In the United States more than 500,000 gallbladder surgeries are performed each year. This is major surgery called a cholecystectomy, and patients must remain in the hospital for about a week. If There is another way, certainly I would think that anyone out there who is  suffering should look into it. Experts will tell you that there are no cures for gallstones. In some cases where someone has small cholesterol gallstones, they offer medicines like Actigall and Chenix. Of course the treatment may have to continue for months and even years before the stones are completely dissolved. As with all modern medicines, there may be side effects.

To understand how to get rid of gallstones, we must first know where they come from. Bile is the key ingredient in the formation of gallstones. Bile helps the body digest fats and is made up of water, cholesterol, fats, bile salts, proteins and bilirubin. The gallbladder contracts and pushes bile into the small intestines where it helps with the digestion of fats. Substances such as cholesterol and bilirubin, in certain conditions, will harden into stones. One can suffer from many small stones or one giant stone the size of a golf ball. By understanding the why, you can now look into the how. Thousands, if not millions, are now seeking alternatives to surgery of all types. I think that it should be the absolute last resort in every case, don’t you. Besides the expense, it’s part of your body. In this case, the gallbladder has a unique function. Without your gallbladder, bile will drip continuously into your digestive system and possibly put you at risk for bowel cancer.

So is there a safer and easier way to rid yourself of gallstones? I know you are inundated with all kinds of claims of curing gallstones. My research led me to a unique site that promises actual time and money has been spent putting together a 50+ page Gallstone Removal Report. Literally thousands of dollars were spent putting this report together, hiring the best writers and editors to proofed, fact check, and format it so you have nothing to worry about! The result is a guaranteed home remedy that offers you nothing to lose but your gallstones.
If You believe as I do, that it’s in the pharmaceutical companies best interests not to cure anything, and there are natural cures they don’t want us to know about, find out more at:

My RecomMANNdations

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