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Feeling Tired? Several Surprising Reasons Why You May Be Yawning

Posted Dec 02 2009 3:15am
One of the most obvious reasons for feeling tired and yawning throughout the day is that you do not get enough sleep. Millions of people are chronically sleep-deprived and crave naps at certain times of day. When you consistently do not get enough rest, you open yourself to a whole host of health problems, not to mention the potential accidents when driving or operating machinery.

Feeling Tired? Several Surprising Reasons Why You May Be Yawning

Sleep deprivation is not the only cause of tiredness and yawning. There is a number of surprising reasons why you may feel sluggish that have nothing to do with how many zzzz’s you are catching each night.

Allergies and Hay Fever

Allergies and hay fever are lumped into a term doctors use called allergic rhinitis. When you experience sneezing, congestion or breathing problems as a result of some type of allergen whether it is mold, pet dander, dust mites or pollen, these things can interrupt sleep. The good news is that allergic rhinitis is treatable, especially if you can identify the allergen trigger.

Urinary Tract Infection

Some people experience burning while urinating and discomfort in the pelvic area with a urinary tract infection. Others may not experience any symptoms whatsoever other than fatigue. If you have had a kidney or urinary tract infection in the past, consider getting checked out if other fatigue triggers do not make sense in your situation.


As one of the most easily treated blood disorders in the country, anemia is often undiagnosed because many people do not visit the doctor just because they are tired. Women with heavy menstrual cycles or tumors may experience fatigue due to anemia. Both men and women may have undiagnosed ulcers, cancer, kidney disease or simply a poor diet with insufficient folic acid and iron, the building blocks of the blood. Supplements and iron rich foods can help.

Too Much Caffeine

The very thing that you think may get you through a tiring day could actually be the culprit of your fatigue. Too much caffeine, such as coffee and soda, can actually turn against you, causing extreme tiredness and yawning.

Food Allergies

While you eat to provide fuel for your body to live, you may have hidden food allergies that can actually cause fatigue. Many food scientists and doctors feel that fatigue is one of the first indicators of a food allergy. You do not necessarily present the most common signs of food allergies like breaking out in hives or having an upset stomach. Keep a food diary for a few weeks. If you notice a trend of feeling tired within thirty minutes of eating a certain type of food, eliminate it from your diet and see if that helps.

Thyroid Problems

Hypothyroidism is a treatable thyroid condition which causes extreme tiredness. Women are especially susceptible to this condition. Luckily, a simple blood test can show whether your thyroid is under-performing or not. Because your thyroid acts as a regulator for your metabolism, if it is slow or sluggish, you will feel tired more often.

Remember, besides eating a well balanced diet and exercising, getting enough sleep is essential for a long, healthy life. If you find yourself consistently feeling tired and yawning throughout the day, examine your diet and lifestyle habits and start eliminating potential causes. Also, get your yearly physical and ask for blood tests at the same time. They can definitely help you eliminate or pinpoint potential fatigue causes.

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