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Feeding Your Spirit and Nourishing Your Soul

Posted Apr 13 2009 11:40pm
By Carol Harblin (CHHC)

After the holidays like Easter, people get nourished in so many other ways besides the food we consume. One of the ways we are fed is through spirituality. Spirituality is a feeling of wholeness and harmony that is explored outside of the logical mind of man. Going outside of the logic of the everyday allows you to take in the spirit of the world and nature around you.

Spirituality is nutrition for your soul. It can be anything that helps someone to understand the deeper part of life and of who they are. Someone may feed their spirit by going to church, going to a beach, meditating, working out at a gym, gardening, or even attending a 12-step group. An activity that feeds the spirit and awakens your senses and your mind keeps your spirit alive.

Dr. Oz has discussed four hot spots of the world: Costa Rica, Loma Linda, California, Sardinia, Italy, and Okinawa, Japan. In these four hot spots of our world longevity and wellness plays an integral role in their lives. One similar thread that connects each of these places is spirituality as well. They all live their lives with a higher power leading them through the day.

Spirituality is a very individualistic practice. To feed your soul on some level of spirituality will re-awaken your mind and heart to another side of life. It takes you down a path of rediscovery and enlightenment. A little bit of soul food takes the hard knock out of life.

Keep the faith within and keep feeding your spirit with the things that empower yourself. It keeps your mind sharp and your body young.

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