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Fed up with flu and fear

Posted Oct 26 2009 11:01pm
By Carol Harblin (CHHC)

This whole week I have seen headine after headline about the flu. The flu has hit the papers everyday to some degree. It seems like all they want to do is pump fear and keep giving out those shots.

I love Obama. I'll admit it. But why is he all about this flu virus? He is aiding to the fear in this country. Obama has proven to be a competent and inteligent man, but when it comes to this flu virus...he looks as common and blind as the rest of the public.


The other evening I over heard a family talking at a restaurant. The mother said, "We have to get our flu shots...our doctor recommends it so we have to get it."


You don't have to get anything. And why does a doctor have to only recommend the shot? Does he work on commission or something?

Common conventional doctors are salesmen and high class drug pushers. They see no other alternative. It's their way or no way. WHAT!?!

Why does it look like the only way to prevent flu is by getting the shot?

Why is fear running rampant? Fear is the onset of most diseases and other illnesses. To have fear is to accept disease.

Learn the facts. Stay strong and say no. Don't give it to the doctors until you know what is about to be put into your body. Find out the alternatives. Find out the side effects.

Your body is the only body you are going to get - protect it from those chemicals.

Love yourself.

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