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FDA Now Looking at Link Between Food Dyes and Hyperactivity in Children

Posted Mar 30 2011 3:17pm
When will we learn? - see the article below.

FDA examines link between food dyes, hyperactivity - Yahoo! News

The more highly processed a food, the more junk is thrown into it to make it look good. I must have eaten pounds and pounds of dyes, flavorings, MSG and you name it before I started making an effort to cut back on the crapola foods. I wonder sometimes what's stored in my fat cells - that's where your body stuffs chemicals it can't get rid of, you know. It pads them with fat to protect vital organs. I have padding on my padding.

I read stories like this and I just get mad. I have a nephew who is hyperactive, special needs, learning disabled, speech disabled - you name it. There's no "name" for his condition, no genetic test, just a child who needs special education and intervention to be able to communicate and function effectively with the rest of humanity. I read articles like this and I want to go and shake the corporate executives and chemists who decided this stuff is okey-dokey for developing bodies and brains, aka babies and children.

Why are we complacently allowing ourselves to be the guinea pigs of the food industry and the other industries that throw chemicals into everything? Why do we think we can eat anything and not suffer health consequences?

Nature gave us everything we need in the plant and animal kingdom to thrive. She colors fruits and vegetables with beautiful colors to tell us what to eat. Processing soy and wheat byproducts with high fructose corn syrup then adding a dash of Yellow Dye #40, Red Dye #4 and MSG doesn't make a food nutritious. It just hides the disaster lurking underneath.

I'm not perfect so please don't send the kitchen police to my house. I live with two adults with the free will to choose whatever they eat.

But honestly, if they DO find a connection to food dyes and hyperactivity...those poor kids. How many kids are on Ritalin and all sorts of drugs thanks to other chemicals they've been exposed to?

Doesn't it make you angry?
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