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Exercises to Get Rid of Baby Fat on Your Tummy

Posted Apr 02 2010 1:19am

After giving birth most women have some excess of baby fat left on their tummy.  Because your body is still in pregnancy mode, your body can make it difficult to lose that baby fat.  It is difficult, but it can be done.

Exercises to get rid of baby fat on your tummy

Why is it Difficult to Get Rid of Baby Fat on Your Tummy?

After having a baby your body is different.  You body is producing hormones differently and your body is hoarding nutrients because it thinks it needs to keep them.  Your hormones are telling your body to store up fat and nutrients even though you are working hard to get rid of it.  It will happen, just not overnight.  Diet and exercise, two words most of us do not like to hear, is the answer.

Exercises to Get Rid of Baby Fat on Your Tummy

Some women think the extra movements they are getting taking care of a new baby are good enough exercise; others think their body can’t take the impact of exercise just yet. While it is true that your body does need to heal for a while post delivery, there are some things you can still do such as walking and light stretches.  Your obstetrician can give you the go ahead for exercise.

  • Interval training – exercise very intensely for a short set period of time, stop rest and then do it again.  Do this process about 10 repetitions.
  • Cardio workouts – burn fat all over the body.  This will not give the fast results you are looking for, but in the long run, you are burning fat all over your body and it is worth it.
  • Muscle toning – Stretches, squats, lunges, pushups, stair steppers all target core abdomen muscles and can help slim your tummy.
  • Use resistance – Bands or resistance machines will help work core muscle groups and flatten your tummy quickly.

Combine Diet Changes with Exercise to Get Rid of Baby Fat on Your Tummy

Remember the process of getting rid of baby fat on your tummy is not going to happen overnight.  It will take dedication to a sensible diet and exercise program.  Do not attempt to starve yourself, this only causes your body to store more fat and it isn’t healthy for you at all.  There are a few things you can do in your daily diet that will help in addition to your exercise to get rid of baby fat on your tummy.

  • Always eat some eggs for breakfast
  • Include meats such as lean beef, chicken or fish in your meals
  • Add proteins where you can – protein is needed to build muscle
  • Fats need to be from healthy products like avocados, olive oil or nuts
  • Snack foods should be low fat dairy products, nuts, fresh fruits or vegetables

Do not let yourself be coaxed into fad diets and the entire hype of miracle tummy tighteners advertised these days.  The most effective way to get rid of baby fat on your tummy is exercise and diet.

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