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Exercise Less; Rest More for Optimal Health

Posted Sep 23 2009 11:11pm

Learning from Our Cavemen Ancestors

Can you imagine a workout routine that focuses just as much on rest as it does on exertion? How about if you can get results in just 10 minutes—instead of 60? Those may be great selling points, but the best part is, the results you’ll get —from dropping the fat, to building lean muscle, to improving the strength of your heart and lungs — far outweigh any cardio workout you can do.

This one-of-kind program called PACE® has been designed by THB’s own Dr. Al Sears. It stands for P rogressively A ccelerating C ardiopulmonary E xertion. And it flies in the face of what we’re used to hearing about exercise — like more is better.

Long periods of intense exertion, like “cardio” or “aerobic” training, reduce muscle mass. This has been proven by a study that shows the muscles of marathon runners actually shrink and atrophy. Worse, it’s been found that their heart and lungs are “downsized” in order to go further… more efficiently… with less rests… and less fuel.

Why is this bad? Instead of building heart strength, it robs you of vital reserve capacity. So when you place sudden extra demands on your heart, it can’t keep up. This sets the stage for a heart attack. And it’s been proven by many accomplished runners that have “dropped dead” of heart failure after a long run.

Here’s why PACE® is far superior for your heart. It’s designed around short bursts of intense exertion that mimic the demands placed on our ancient ancestors. Whether escaping danger or capturing prey, human beings developed a physiology that could provide quick, explosive power instantly.

These short bursts of energy increase your heart’s reserve capacity. They provide you with bigger, faster cardiac output that’s immediately available when you really need it. But that’s not all. The PACE® program also helps you lower fat and triglyceride levels in your blood —another factor for heart disease. Compare that to long distance runners. A groundbreaking study showed that after a workout, their LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides increased.

Amazing, isn’t it? Almost everything we’ve learned for decades about exercise and heart health is now proving to be totally false. In my next PACE® article, I’ll set the record straight on the most effective way to lose the excess fat. As you might guess, it’s not with aerobics.

To learn how to get started with Dr. Sears’ PACE® program, click here now.

Are Your Lungs Dying?

If you do nothing about it, the cells in your lungs die off faster than you replace them. By the time you’re fifty, 40% of your lung capacity will be gone, robbing you of your energy and strength. And it makes you an easy target for chronic disease…

I’m Dr. Al Sears and I’ve seen thousands of my own patients boost their lungpower and reverse disease.The technique I give them is so revolutionary, the US Patent Office recently trademarked it!

In just minutes a day you’ll get back the lungpower of a 20-year-old.  And that extra power means:

  • Never taking a sick day, or needing an afternoon nap…

  • Bouncing up the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator…

  • Adding health-packed years to your life…

All that, and you don’t have to change your diet or spend hours at the gym. It’s backed up by science and fully guaranteed! To find out how you can get the lungpower of a 20-year-old, click here.

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