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Every time I get a cold, it becomes a chest infection. My toothaches become abcesses. I get at least two infections a year. Any

Posted by mitch

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Several herbal remedies to consider here. For your overall well-being and to knock out those colds before they start, consider the product IMMUNICITY which is an Andrographis and Eleuthero based supplement. The combination of andrographis and eleuthero have been shown in many clinical trials to support immunity. Taking them either daily or when you feel a cold coming will reduce the time you are faced with a cold. Next, for the toothaches, I'd start using a good oral Probiotic product. Life Extension supplies an ORAL HEALTH PROBIOTIC which dissolves slowly under the tongue and which is filled with a special type of microbe that keeps the bad bugs at bay in your mouth. It's worked well for me. IMMUNICITY is a new product, I've tried samples, and it will be available the first week of November. But the oral probiotic should be available right now.

Hi Mitch

Sounds like your immune system is really run down!

When assessing why a client isn't well, we look at two major areas with their diet: Whether what they're eating is adequate to maintain their health; and also, whether they're absorbing the nutrients they're eating.

An accredited nutritionist or naturopath can help you assess why your immune system keeps falling over, and what you can do to get it healthy again. Professional help will get you the answers faster.

 Hope this helps....let us know how you go!

Regards, Olwen :-) 

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