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Essential Tip of the Week: Sinus Infection/Post Nasal Drip

Posted Jun 16 2009 12:26am 1 Comment

I wish I would have known about using essential oils for sinus congestion when I was growing up. I had chronic post nasal drip that was so very irritating! Eventually I learned that stress was a huge contributor to this problem. Now I understand that it was my body's attempt to "swallow the tears" when I was in an emotional or stressful situation. Even excitement or anticipation could trigger a horrible bout of the drip. Here are a few other things that can add to sinus troubles:
  • Diet high in refined sugar, wheat, and dairy contributes to an acid environment in the body.
  • An imbalance of acid can create inflammation in the tissues.
  • Over production of mucus occurs to protect the tissues from the inflammation.
  • Lack of proper hydration can thicken mucous and inhibit proper lymph drainage.
  • Synthetic fragrances and chemicals can cause respiratory inflammation as well.

Nasopharyngitis is the inflammation of the back of the nasal cavity where it connects to the throat and the eustachian tubes.

When my throat starts feeling scratchy (not even really sore yet) and my glands start feeling a bit enlarged, my first EO choice is a drop or two of Purification (contains lemongrass which is anti-inflammatory and promotes lymph flow) or R.C. blend in a few drops of jojoba oils rubbed gently with downward strokes from temples on both sides of my neck below ears. I also suck on an Thieves EO hard lozenge which really helps if my ears feel like they could plug or ache. Getting the lymph system moving can ward off a full blown head cold or sore throat.

Gargling with Melaleuca alternafolia or Thieves blend can help help kill bacteria in the nose, ears, and throat. I just drop one drop of either of these EO Supplements on the very back of my tongue and hold it in my mouth, mixing with saliva for several minutes, then swallowing. This is very effective when started at the very first indication of infection and repeated 3-4 times for the first hour, then once an hour until symptoms subside.

This tip is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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I used to have sinus issues.  I suffered from a runny nose all year around so I know how annoying it can.  I ALWAYS had to have tissues and always had some next to my bed.  It made it hard to get to sleep as I would have to be elevated or change the side I was sleeping on.  I find it interesting that "bottling things up" could make you cry your tears in another way - that's very interesting!!


For me though it was diet.  I changed my diet - I cut out dairy, meat and wheat and now my nose is completely normal.  I didn't even notice when it happened as my initial goal with diet was to get healthy....about 6 months in I suddenly realized the darn runny nose had gone!  I also found that my asthma cleared up too but thats something else :) 


Anyway great article - essential oils are amazing and I try to use them for relaxation.



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