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Energy Share for SundayJanuary 2 ...

Posted Jan 14 2009 7:38pm

Energy Share for Sunday
January 27, 2008

A woman who had been in a serious car crash had a near death experience. The Being of Light who guided her explained that she had 3 choices: She could stay on the Other Side, she could return with minor injuries or she could return in a vegetative state. The Being of Light then showed her a life review of all her loved ones, run from the perspective of her returning in a relatively good shape or in a vegetative condition. When she was satisfied that no one would receive particular benefit from her choosing to return in a permanent coma, she came back with minor injuries. Consider that one person's illness or injury may, in fact, be a gift of service for others.

Joan Borysenko, Pocketful of Miracles

With all the rainfall that has showered down in an area of normally desert-like conditions here, I send to you a boost of rejuvenating energy that water brings. Water that offers relief, quenches thirst, that cleanses and uplifts our spirits. Let the sight and sound of rain transport you to that quiet place within you. And when you are ready, pass it on in any way that you like.

Enjoy the previous posts. I think you'll find the natural antibiotic recipes I've posted are helpful, especially for anyone who have taken antibiotics before and find themselves getting sick once again from mutated viruses. Later this week I'll be posting on my new website the 101 Suggested Uses for the Essential 7 Kit - basically a guide for using Young Living's popular therapeutic-grade essential 7 oils. The guide and the oils have extremely useful for me as they will be for you if you aren't already using essential oils.

Healers are sorely needed in this day and age and this share is dedicated to all of you that give of yourselves each and every day. Thank you for all that you do.

Live your life with a passion so all the things you love will come to you with a passion.

Namaste (The God in me honors the God in You),


1. Lydia Smith-Lenardson, Moreno Valley, California, USA
2. Lynn Wilson, Manchester, England, UK
3. Judy Oliver, Silver Spring, MD, USA
4. Joan Anderson, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
5. Lena Goon, Alberta, Canada
6. Mari Hayama, Berkeley, California, USA
7. Veronica Hansen, Sarina, Queensland, Australia
8. Mirjam Kik, Tonge, The Netherlands
9. Andy Cooper, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
10. Sheryl Morris, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
11. Andy Yantha, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
12. , Omaha, Nebraska, USA
13. Joseph Bennett, Ventura, California, USA
14. Steve and Karen Edwards, Gunnislake, Cornwall, England
15. Rev. Patricia Lusher, Berlin, Vermont, USA
16. Patricia Blundon, Pembroke,Ontario
17. Violet Moreau, Pembroke,Ontario
18. Brian Yeates, Dublin, Ireland
19. Dunni Olasehan, Lagos, Nigeria
20. Austin Ndego, Lagos, Nigeria
21. Gurjinder Strom, Miami, Florida, USA
22. Natasha Adair, Olney Springs, Colorado, USA
23. Amy Manuel, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
24. Janet Kinge, Basingstoke, UK
25. Janet Henningsen, Indialantic, Florida, USA
26. Sister Mary Mebane, Santa Maria, California, USA
27. Denise Matthews, Nottinghamshire, UK
28. Meelah Rasheed, Columbia, South Carolina, USA
29. Chandra Madrona, Tacoma, WA, USA
30. Eve Hale, Hampshire, England, UK
31. Sandy Kolman, Belleville, Illinois, USA
32. Hilary Bisaillon, Yorktown, Virginia, USA
33. Heidi Fruhling, Ft. Collins, Colorado, USA
34. Maree Rogers, Hastings, Westernport Bay, Australia
35. Carol Gent, Lancashire, England, UK
36. Matthew Leonard, Lodi, New Jersey, USA
37. Moira Congreve, England, UK
38. Silvia Weisz, Melbourne, Australia
39. Grant Luckey, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
40. Les Tenold, Sandy Springs, Georgia- Fulton, USA
41. Tiffany Wardle Croydon, Surrey, England, UK
42. Y.Nowshad, Kollam Kerala,India
43. Madhurima Bhatnagar, Fremont, California, USA

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