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Energy Share for SundayJanuary 1 ...

Posted Jan 23 2009 5:44pm

Energy Share for Sunday
January 18, 2009


A gentle breeze brushes the trees;
The scent of roses fills the air.
Leaves flutter idly in the wind,
Dappling the warm noon sunlight
On the soft grass below.

I lie with my face to the sky,
Its jewel-like blue dazzling me
Before I close my eyes
To soak up the warmth of the sun,
Letting my thoughts wander where they will.

The grass tickles my bare feet,
And the breeze tugs at my hair.
I feel such a comforting warmth on my face,
Yet a pleasant coolness on my back.

I am perfectly content,
Lazily shifting to find more sun,
And I wonder why people always
Search for Heaven in the blue vault above
When they can find it here on earth,
For this is surely it.

© By Emily First

With the warmth of the sun shining past the mountains on the lake of this clear and sunny day, I sent you a boost of energy to refresh and revitalize you. Take a few moments for yourself to breathe and recall a particularly joyful memory.

One that brings a smile to your face and maybe even a laugh.

Then call in the boost and let yourself feel completely infused with it. Begin your day with it and notice how alert and uplifted you feel throughout the week.

I gratefully acknowledge the boost from you with open arms. Thank you, my friends.

Yesterday I rode west towards Palmdale to attend a funeral for my aunt's adopted daughter who passed away at the age of 5. All of her adopted and biological family, relatives and friends came together from Palau, Hawaii, and all over California.

Summer, who was so aptly named, was celebrated at the service for the light she brought into the lives of all she touched in such a short time. I had only met Summer briefly last year before the family flew to Palau so she could be there one final time. But I will be forever grateful at how this little one connected me with certain relatives for the first time in 42 years.

For the first time I met my biological uncle who is living on O'ahu and just one of a few of my father's remaining siblings. I never met my father who died of a diabetic coma in 2005 and I never expected to meet his brother and sisters. Time is precious when my elders will not be long on this earth with few opportunities to be together like this.

So I dedicate this energy share to Summer. Thank you, dear one. Peace and Blessings to you.

I've posted another message on sleep this past week along with some entertaining videos. You just might recognize a certain melody when you play the Palauan dance videos. Enjoy and thanks again for being such wonderful friends and healers.

Namaste (Let us honor the love and peace within each other),


1. Lydia Smith-Lenardson, Moreno Valley, California, USA
2. Lynn Wilson, Manchester, England, UK
3. Judy Oliver, Silver Spring, MD, USA
4. Joan Anderson, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
5. Lena Goon, Alberta, Canada
6. Mari Hayama, Berkeley, California, USA
7. Veronica Hansen, Sarina, Queensland, Australia
8. Mirjam Kik, Oude Tonge, The Netherlands
9. Andy Cooper, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
10. Sheryl Morris, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
11. , Omaha, Nebraska, USA
12. Joseph Bennett, Ventura, California, USA
13. Steve and Karen Edwards, Gunnislake, Cornwall, England
14. Rev. Patricia Lusher, Berlin, Vermont, USA
15. Patricia Blundon, Pembroke,Ontario
16. Violet Moreau, Pembroke,Ontario
17. Dunni Olasehan, Lagos, Nigeria
18. Austin Ndego, Lagos, Nigeria
19. Gurjinder Strom, Miami, Florida, USA
20. Natasha Adair, Olney Springs, Colorado, USA
21. Amy Manuel, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
22. Janet Kinge, Basingstoke, UK
23. Janet Henningsen, Indialantic, Florida, USA
24. Sister Mary Mebane, Santa Maria, California, USA
25. Denise Matthews, Nottinghamshire, UK
26. Meelah Rasheed, Columbia, South Carolina, USA
27. Eve Hale, Hampshire, England, UK
28. Sandy Kolman, Belleville, Illinois, USA
29. Hillary Bisaillon, Yorktown, Virginia, USA
30. Heidi Fruhling, Ft. Collins, Colorado, USA
31. Maree Rogers, Hastings, Westernport Bay, Australia
32. Carol Gent, Lancashire, England, UK
33. Matthew Leonard, Lodi, New Jersey, USA
34. Moira Congreve, England, UK
35. Silvia Weisz, Melbourne, Australia
36. Grant Luckey, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
37. Tiffany Wardle Croydon, Surrey, England, UK
38. Y.Nowshad, Kollam Kerala,India
39. Madhurima Bhatnagar, Fremont, California, USA
40. Venkataramadas Vivekanand, Chennai, India
41. Kim Lerman, North Highlands, California, USA
42. Donna Pfeiffer, Venice, Florida, USA
43. Egon Russell, Adelaide, Alabama, USA
44. Eileen To, Middlesex, Alabama, UK
45. Gudrun Gudmundsdottir, San Diego, California, USA
46. Janet Evans, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, USA
47. Kim McCluskey, Tucson, Arizona, USA
48. Kyle James, Bel Air, Maryland, USA
49. Linda Cromer, The Villages, Florida, USA
50. Margaret McGuire, Cooma, New South Wales, Australia
51. Nathan Norton, Wentworth Falls, New South Wales, Australia
52. Pamela Clements, Westminster, Colorado, USA
53. Rebecca Cochran, Findlay, Ohio, USA
54. Rene Beauchemin, Alabama, Tomono, Canada
55. Rosemary Barton, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
56. Theresa Johnson, Salisbury, Maryland, USA
57. Vera Murrell, Friendsville, Tennessee, USA
58. Zachary Buchholz, Chicago, IL, USA
59. Karen Sheppard, St. John's, Newfoundland/Labrador, Canada
60. Brian Yeates, Dublin, Ireland
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