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Energy Share for Sunday October ...

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:23pm

Energy Share for Sunday
October 1, 2006


This is how you change when you go to the orchard where the heart opens:

you become fragrance and the light that burning oil gives off,
long strands of grieving hair, lion and at the same time, gazelle.

You're walking alone without feet, as riverwater does.

The taste of a wine that is bitter and sweet, seen and unseen,
neither wet nor dry, like Jesus reaching to touch.

A new road appears without desirous imagining, inside God's breath,
empty, where you quit saying the name and there's no distance,
no calling dove-coo.

A window, a wild rose at the field's edge,
you'll be me, but don't feel proud or happy.

Bend like the limb of a peach tree
Tend those who need help
Disappear three days with the moon.

Don't pray to be healed, or look for evidence of "some other world".

You are the soul and medicine for what wounds the soul.

The Illuminated Rumi, by Coleman Barks

Let us welcome a new participant to the share and Reiki practitioner, Maree Rogers, who hails from Hastings, Australia. Aloha, dear friend, it's great to have another Aussie join our group.

I've posted a message by Kuthumi that was channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe of the Crimson Circle ( at the Midsummmer New Energy Conference in Breckenridge, Colorado this past July. Kuthumi is hilarous as he so wittily explains his absence due to his bookwriting. He mentions a couple of titles such as "Silly, Silly Humans – A Guidebook for Dummies Who Want to Remain Dummies!" and “How to be Kind of Good Looking in an Otherwise Ugly World.” He goes on to talk about our views of daily life and our perceived "problems".

Then, a couple of poems by Rumi as translated by Coleman Barks. 'The Illuminated Rumi' is a gorgeous example of poetry and art, enticing your senses as you view each page. I relish this book and it's sequel "One Song: A New Illuminated Rumi", both of which are now included with my daily rituals of consuming chocolate and tea. After the poems is a message about procrastination by Mike Brescia, founder of Think Right Now! Success Conditioning Programs.

I've also launched my new aromatherapy site, Eight years ago my first Reiki teacher introduced me to essential oils as a very effective complement to a Reiki session. When I first tried using them on friends and clients, the feedback was so positive I now integrate oils with energy healing for all my sessions. In particular, I do what's called 'The Raindrop Technique' where the oils are applied along the spine while using healing energy with terrific results. Checkout the site.

I joyfully acknowledge the boost of energy from you and welcome it with open arms. I also send you a boost with LOTS of love, light, and hugs. Help yourself to the boost I send to you and enjoy it fully. Enjoy every moment and live the passionate life you intend it to be.

Namaste, (I honor the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells),


1. Lydia Smith-Lenardson, Moreno Valley, California, USA
2. Lynn Wilson, Manchester, England, UK
3. Judy Oliver, Silver Spring, MD, USA
4. Joan Anderson, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
5. Sandra Richer, Banff, Alberta, Canada
6. Lena Goon, Banff, Alberta, Canada
7. Mari Hayama, Berkeley, California, USA
8. Veronica Hansen, Sarina, Queensland, Australia
9. Mirjam Kik, Oude, Tonge, The Netherlands
10. Andy Cooper, Guangzhou, Guangdong province, China
11. Sheryl Morris, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
12. Andy Yantha, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
13. , Omaha, Nebraska, USA
14. Joseph Bennett, Ventura, California, USA
15. Steve and Karen Edwards, Gunnislake, Cornwall, England
16. Rev. Patricia Lusher, Berlin, Vermont, USA
17. Patricia Blundon, Pembroke,Ontario
18. Violet Moreau, Pembroke,Ontario
19. Brian Yeates, Dublin, Ireland
20. Dunni Olasehan, Lagos, Nigeria
21. Austin Ndego, Lagos, Nigeria
22. Gurjinder Strom, Miami, Florida, USA
23. Natasha Adair, Olney Springs, Colorado, USA
24. Amy Manuel, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
25. Janet Kinge, Basingstoke, UK
26. Janet Henningsen, Indialantic, Florida, USA
27. Sister Mary Mebane, Santa Maria, California, USA
28. Denise Matthews,Nottinghamshire, UK
29. Meelah Rasheed, Columbia, South Carolina, USA
30. Chandra Madrona, Tacoma, WA, USA
31. Eve Hale, Hampshire, England, UK
32. Sandy Kolman, Belleville, Illinois, USA
33. Hilary Bisaillon, Yorktown, Virginia, USA
34. Heidi Fruhling, Ft. Collins, Colorado, USA
35. Maree Rogers, Hastings, Westernport Bay, Australia
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