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Ending High-Tech Addiction and Finding Balance

Posted Apr 27 2009 10:38pm
By Carol Harblin (CHHC)

So many people depend on their computers. They text with their phones, and are seen bent over their laptops in the oddest places. How did we get to be this dependent with technology? We have become so attached and fused to these devices that we look like Linus and his blanket. We are almost insecure when we are not holding these devices. It is important to be a part of the technology movement and keep up with computers, but do we have to become so addictive to it that we sacrifice ourselves and our brains?

Technology addiction is a very real addiction. People have been numbing out in front of their screens since the television. The longer we stay glued to our devices, we lose our ability to relate and interact on a physical level. Our personalities are at stake and so are our brains.

The moment you turn on your computer, you should have a game plan of what you are going to do such as write a paper, download photos, complete a project, or respond to an email. The Internet is a black hole and it is waiting to suck you into its hypnotic trance. Be aware of your feelings should you feel bored, depressed, anxious, or lonely because these feelings could keep you on your computer longer.

Find a support system that can help you get out of yourself. You need to find a buddy to pull you up and get you living in the world again. Most people have computers at work, and when they come home and turn on their computer and keep it on until bedtime, this is an indicator that high-tech addiction is a pretty real thing! The same goes for television. Our TV's are ruling our lives and we have to record shows on our DVR's. Are those recordings really important? What did we do before DVR? We missed a show, oh well. Life goes on.

I was recently at an airport waiting to board my plane. While waiting, what did I observe? People stuck in screens. A college boy was in his Blackberry, a child was in her hand held game, a woman was fused to her laptop, and a man was attached to his laptop while talking into his bluetooth. Whatever happened to reading a book or magazine while waiting in a public area?
I was in a movie theater recently as well, and right in the middle of the movie I hear an odd song rattling off from behind me - a cell phone - and they actually accepted the call and was talking through the movie!

I love technology. I have all the gadgets too. I love surfing the Internet and researching information too, but I also know when my body has had enough. On a beautiful warm sunny day, I will still check my emails and finish a document, but I can also smell that sweet air outside and yearn to ride my bike or take a walk. Find the balance between real life and tech life.

There are also a few supplements that can help combat brain fatigue from our technology daze. Ginkgo is a Chinese herb that is used to increase blood flow in the brain and body as well as alleviate inflammation. Fish oils (Omega-3 Fatty Acids) can also help reduce inflammation in the body as well. L-Glutamine can help gain more focus and concentration. It is an amino acid that is found in the brain where it acts as one of our fuel sources. We need it to gain clarity and focus.

When you are on the computer, be aware of when you are compulsively surfing or playing a computer game. This is probably a good indicator that you are not being productive anymore. Stand up in your chair and look around. Stretch your arms and neck, look out the window, do something with your whole body and not just your fingers and eyes. Re-learn how to relate with people in public and say hello to people.

Have an interactive day!
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