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Eight True And False Of Heartburn Myths

Posted Jul 22 2008 8:22pm

Heartburn treatment1. Only Eat Bland Foods

Heartburn treatment

False. Eating bland foods may not exacerbate heartburn symptoms but it is not a cure. Taking steps to Find the source of the problem is far more likely to realize a cure than changing diet to bland foods alone.

2. Don’t Eat Acidic Foods

False. Some heartburn sufferers will report that acidic foods and drinks such as orange juice will trigger a reflux but actually the acid is not the problem. In order to discover what works and what doesn’t, a food diary should be kept.

3. Heartburn Is Excess Acid

False. Common belief is that there is too much acid in the stomach but really the acid travels up the oesophagus causing the reflux instead of remaining in the stomach. Most conventional medication available claims to reduce acid in the stomach, these work by laying a barrier across the top of the acid to stop it traveling up the oesophagus. The reason this isn’t flagged as being mis-advertised is that it controls the acid and doesn’t claim to rid it altogether. In order to stop heartburn, other factors need to be looked at.

4. Stress Causes Heartburn

True. Stress can certainly cause heartburn but is rarely the only factor. Extreme stress that is endured by long-term illness or severe grief can cause very real symptoms that manifest into constant acid reflux (heartburn) and even ulcers.

5. Lifestyle Causes Heartburn

True. Lifestyle habits especially modern day lifestyles of junk food, smoking and alcohol can cause or worsen symptoms. Some sufferers report problems still exist even when their habits are changed. Comparing different habits and see if the symptoms occur when one is taken away.

6. Heartburn Is Only In The Oesophagus

False. Heartburn is most commonly suffered in the oesophagus where a burning sensation is felt and sometimes an unpleasant metalic taste. Other symptoms and conditions that can occur at around the same time are asthma, sore throats and breathing problems.

7. Heartburn Is Worse At Night-Time

False. There is no evidence to suggest heartburn gets worse at night, although sufferers believe that lying down makes it worse. The best way is to elevate the head and oesophagus by using pillows to allow the acid to stay down. Lying on your side has shown no evidence that it improves the acid or even worsens it.

8. Heartburn Is A Serious Condition

True. For sufferers, heartburn can take over and affect daily life. For some it can appear monthly, several times a year or very occasionally. If heartburn is a frequent visitor it could highlight underlying conditions so should be assessed and treated as soon as possible.

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