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Effects of Body Workouts on Epileptic Patients

Posted Mar 21 2010 2:41am 1 Comment

Exercise and working out are important parts of the lives of many people.  Years ago, it was thought that a person with epilepsy could not do physical workouts or participate in sports.  Today, it is well accepted that exercise is actually beneficial to those who suffer from epilepsy.

Physical Activity and Body Workouts Effects on Epileptic Patients

Exercising with body workouts stimulate the release of melatonin in the brain.  The anticonvulsant effects of melatonin have been the focus of many studies showing the positive effects of physical exercise in epileptic patients.

The benefits of body workouts on epileptic patients can be positive. Some epileptic patients never see them due to being overprotected by others, such as friends and families and self imposed limitations.

effects of body workout on epileptic patients

Precautions are Necessary for Body Workouts on Epileptic Patients

Precautions and knowing your limits are necessary to undertake some activities. Whether you are doing physical workouts or just walking down the street or going to the office you should always wear a medical alert bracelet identifying your condition.

It is necessary to know what triggers your seizures, take the prescribed medications to control your seizures and avoid activities that you know trigger seizures. Some workouts require having another person with you for your safety if you are prone to seizures.  The buddy should be aware of your condition and be aware of what to do if you do have a seizure.

Plan Body Workouts that are safe for Epileptic Patients

If excessive physical activity triggers seizures for you, it will be necessary to workout in short periods and not as rigorously.  Pacing your activities to prevent seizures is possible.  Discuss what triggers seizures for you with your doctor and always get your doctors opinion as to whether or not you are able to exercise.  Your doctor can tell you what level of exercise can benefit you; light, moderate or strenuous.

Epileptic patients are more prone to injury due to the sudden and unexpected onset of seizure activity.  You are at an increased risk to fall during physical activity or injure yourself while striking an object during a seizure.  The risk for drowning while swimming is greatly increased and if you are not well controlled on medication you should completely avoid this activity.  Even if you are controlled on medication you should never swim alone.

Take time to evaluate the effects and potential of specific workout activities.  Sports such as swimming would be dangerous for someone prone to seizures that are not controlled by medications. Mountain climbing or rock climbing could be deadly if you were to have a seizure while doing these activities.

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