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Eating Health and the Gut

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:37pm

My husband and I have been eating pretty healthy for a good while now (very little processed foods and complex carbs, balance of the good carbs, fat and protein from natural foods etc.). Even with healthy eating I imagine that most of us have done a good amount of damage to our organs and colon throughout our lifetime. So here is my question… even if you begin to eat healthy is it enough to help correct the problem by eating alone? In your opinion, would a type of cleansing be advised to allow your body a better chance at regaining the function that was intended or do you think the body will naturally correct and cleanse itself. If I’m going to do all this work on my abs I would prefer my body to be cooperating with it the best it can :) Thanks for any and all help


This is a great question and something I educate my clients and students about all the time. With all the C.R.A.P (Caffiene, Refinded/Processed foods, Alcohol/Aspartame, and Pasteurized milk) foods that are out there, most are trying to live the “this for that” approach. That means, eating like CRAP and trying to take herbs, supplements, see their chiropractor and acupuncturist, instead of focusing on their nutrition and lifestyle. When you see the above, in my clinical opinion you are treating the symptom and not the etiology. Not to say they don’t have a place on the healing totem pole, but I feel it is going about it all backwards. We must go within to heal (biochemistry, thoughts, etc) to heal. But as a society, we focus on external means in order to gain ground/healing (expensive cars, houses, supplements, etc). As you can see, this is not working.

Being healthy is misinterpreted these days. People think it is over indulging in expensive supplements, over exercising, eating chicken and broccoli and drinking protein shakes. My definition of health is taking responsibility for oneself in ALL areas of life. My question for you is what is eating health mean to you? All I can do is provide my definition of eating healthy. This might not align with you, but this is what I teach my clients when they work with me. There are many others, but this is a good generalized route to follow in the beginning.

  1. If it is white—–do not eat it! The four white devils are white flour, white sugar, white salt (see #9) and pasteurization and homogenization milk products. If you must use a dairy product and cannot acquire raw dairy, choose Certified Organic as your second choice. Additionally, those who are lactose sensitive should use full-fat cream, which is very low in lactose and high in fat. Additionally, you can enjoy a high quality yogurt, in which lactose is predigested.
  2. Avoid any food made from any of the white devils!
  3. If you can’t pronounce a word on a label—–do not eat it, your liver won’t like it!
  4. If it wasn’t here 10,000 years ago, don’t eat it!
  5. Fruit juice is sugar water! Don’t drink it. Small quantities of freshly squeezed juice may be ok as an occasional treat.
  6. The longer the shelf life, the more harmful it is likely to be to your body!

· If irradiated, don’t eat it!

· If pasteurized, it’s not good for you. Ultra-pasteurized is very bad for you!

· Unless packaged in glass, the longer it’s been in the package, the more toxic it will be! Plastics can leak what is called xenoestrogens, which are harmful to the body. They can increase estrogen levels in females and put there hormonal systems into a state of disarray.

  1. Aside from good water, if you are eating a food that is clear——disease grows near! For example, clear apple juice, clear honey and clear hydrogenated oils are all garbage foods to be avoided.
  2. Choose products and meets in this order:
    • Certified Organic Produce and Free Range Meats
    • Organic Produce and Organic Meat
    • Locally Farmed Produce and Locally Farmed Free Ranged Meat
    • Commercial Produce and Commercial Hormone Free Meat
    • Commercial Meat
  3. Always season foods and water with 100% unprocessed sea salt. The best is Celtic, followed by sea salt from New Zealand because there is less heavy metal toxicity there.
  4. Drink ½ your body weight in pounds in ounces of water daily.

· For example, a 200 pound man needs to drink 100 oz.

· Nothing substitutes for water, not tea, not juice, not beer….nothing!

· Always choose top selling brands such as Evian, Fiji, Trinity and Volvic because they sell the fastest and therefore have the least exposure to plastic bottles.

· Buy water in glass if possible.

· The most health-giving waters have a hardness factor of 170 mg/L or greater and a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of 300 or greater.

· Adding a pinch of sea salt to water is recommended to replace electrolytes. Additionally, it will harden otherwise good, but soft waters and will significantly increase the TDS.

  1. Follow the 80/20 Rule. If you live right 80% of the time, you can absorb the other 20%.
  2. Always eat right for your metabolic type.
  3. Get to bed by 10 p.m. and sleep until 6 a.m. minimum.

· The body (physical) repairs itself from 10pm - 2pm

· The mind (spiritual and emotional) repairs itself from 2pm – 6am

From years of living an unhealthy lifestyle, most turn around and start trying to diet or eat health. The first thing to remember is that it takes time to unwind all those years of dysfunction. So the first two lessons are patience and that eating and living is a lifestyle, not a diet. After time of eating like this one might experience detox reactions from eating living food, some weight gain, some weight loss, increased mood and energy and vitality. One you establish a foundation of this lifestyle, there are some other areas that need to be researched and journeyed into: thoughts, hydration, eating (quality and quantity), movement (right type and amount), and sleep. These are all the foundation to who you are and without them, life will not seem to be fluid. It will seem as if life is controlling you and that you are not controlling it.

When your foundation is established, there are other areas as well that can be looked into: labs for the gut, hormones, adrenal glands, amino acids, etc, acupuncture, soft tissue work, energy work, NUCCA work and on and on. But here is a great place to start in your case, with the 4R Gut Healing Program. If we eat all these great foods and take all these high end supplements, but have a gut dysfunction (low SIgA, parasites, fungus, bacteria, Dysbiosis, etc), then what we eat will not have its benefits.

The 4R Gut Healing Program is an easy 4-6 month protocol that anyone can follow in order to heal their gut. Along with this, following the holistic foundational nutrition and lifestyle principles will facilitate healing and prevent inflammation/gut discomfort from reoccurring.

1) Remove: This phase entails removing all conventional foods, boxed/canned foods, foods with ingredients that you cannot pronounce, gluten, dairy, flour, salt and anything that has a shelf life. As well, we recommend scanning your house and office for any potential stresses that might inhibit your progress. Example: alarm clock right next to your head while sleeping, using conventional hygiene products and/or deodorant, etc.). The main purpose of this phase is to reduce inflammation. If you are going to add in any cleansing (liver, kidney, colon, colonic, etc), this is the phase to do it in. I am not one for cleansing too much, as it can actually create more dysfunction. The right cleanse has to be used with the right person. Phase 1 is ongoing and can be ongoing forever!

2) Replace: Continuing with the Phase 1, Phase 2 includes adding in pancreatic, digestive and liver enzymes. There are a lot of supplements out there, but you want to find some that are organic or nutraceutical grade. A great one that we recommend is Bio-Gest by Thorne Research Group. Please call if you want to learn how to purchase this. The main purpose of this phase is to re-establish digestion, once inflammation has been reduced. Phase 2 is typically 1-2 months long.
3) Reinoculate: Continuing with Phase 1 and 2, Phase 3 includes re-establishing good bacteria in the gut. This can be done by using a nutraceutical grade probiotic with FOS (prebiotic) in it. This phase not only reinocculates that gut with good bacteria, but it also protects it against pathogens. Phase 3 is typically about 1-2 months long.

4) Repair: Once you have finished the above three phases, you can begin Phase 4. This includes taking 4-6K mg of cod liver oil daily for 1-2 months and taking GI revive (from Designs For Health). This phase includes repairing the gut with l-glutamine, aloe, licorice root, vitamins and cod liver oil. The purpose is to bring everything together in order for the gut to work properly.

Happy Healing!
Josh Rubin

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