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Easy Ways to Start Losing Weight

Posted Jul 22 2008 8:24pm
Are you interested in weight loss? I mean, who isn't, at lease it if you are reading this?

The sooner you get started - the sooner you can enjoy all the benefits! What are the benefits? Better health, more energy, and of course (a big one for me!), a better looking body! Sounds pretty good, huh?

Don't be too discouraged if feel like you haven't succeeded in other weight loss programs in the past. Today can be the day that you decide to change your ways and give yourself improved health for the rest of your life!

Even the smallest change can be the first step to a new you! Pick one idea that you want to try and just start with that. It's a lot simpler and easier to start with an easy goal and gain confidence when you obtain it!

Daily Tips:

  • Decide to drink enough water today to remain hydrated. I like to drinkA LOT- more than 8 glasses a day.
  • Reduce your calories by 100 calories today. That;s right, just 100 measly calories.
  • How about a walk around the block, not only for the benefits of exercise, but also to get out in the fresh air!
  • Make a list of favorite fruits and vegetables and pick a couple of each to treat yourself to (over and above what you normally eat).

I bet you can think of a lot more ideas if you try. Just pick one today to start with.

It may feel like you are taking baby steps, but what's important is that you are making a change towards improving your health and reducing your weight to more acceptable levels where you can feel happy about your body.

The start of any weight loss program can be the smallest change in direction in your life. You can't underestimate how important taking that first step is. Doing it today could be the breakthrough that you need to push yourself to better things.

Nobody even needs to know that you have started on a weight loss program because the change will be minimal and very often talking about doing something stops people from actually doing it. Energy can be wasted in words whereas action will change your life.

Make today the day you start taking positive action. If you're like me, you can think of how many times you've put it off already. Don't talk yourself out of it - just pick one small thing and do it! Only you can make a difference in becoming a healthier, happier you!
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