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Easing sneezing season

Posted Oct 20 2013 7:40pm
It’s the midst of the sneezing season; with so many people obviously suffering you wish you’d brought shares in that famous-name tissue company. If you’re one of the unfortunate victims of the extra pollens floating about, that drippy nose and the constant sneezing flags that your immune system is overloaded, and doesn’t have the raw materials on hand to tone down your nose’s reaction. It’s true that some people are more susceptible to immune challenges than others; and there are actions you can take that can make quite a difference to how many boxes of tissues you go through this spring.

The primary part of your immune system that’s causing your misery is the immunoglobulins. These are the ‘border patrol’ elements of your immunity. They populate your mucous membranes (which in your respiratory system line your nose, sinuses, throat and lungs); constantly sampling the air you breathe for the presence of microbes but also for allergens like certain pollens that you’ve experienced a reaction to already. When they detect an allergen (in this case, pollen), your immunoglobulins quickly set in place a cascade of reactions to prompt your body to expel the invader (through sneezing) and to wash it out with rivers of watery mucous. 

The supply of raw materials to manage this reaction successfully come from many nutrients, but  particularly protein, zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Good food sources of these are red meat, fresh fruit, and salads – all unprocessed foods. Also, if you eat too much of the foods you’re intolerant of, that can increase the load on your immune system, and make your hay fever worse. Not just because junk food is often low in nutrients; but also, if you’re intolerant to a specific food, like dairy, then eating too much will increase the load on your immune system. What you choose to eat makes a difference. 

Your stress levels play a part too, as when you’re stressed your immune system can easily slip out of balance, reacting to allergens with more vigour than usual. So taking time out for meditation and relaxation can actually help relieve your hay fever!

Homoeopathic remedies are a natural solution offering a fast-acting and safe way to manage sneezing season; and are easily available at health food stores. They’re safe to use alongside prescription medications. Specific nutrients and herbs can help too, but these are best selected in consultation with your natural therapist as some may clash with prescription medications, or are unsuitable for people with particular conditions.

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