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Drug Side Effects & Alternative Health Information

Posted Jan 29 2010 2:55pm

In the 21st century, medical and scientific breakthroughs are occurring so rapidly it is quite an exciting time to live in. However, with so many new drugs, products, medical procedures being introduced into the market, the protection and safety of patients must become an integral part of modern day medicine. By keeping up to date on all Food and Drug Administration (FDA) alerts, drug information and drug interactions regarding prescription and over the counter medications, patients can be sure they are obtaining the best information on their medical treatment and health.

This process can allow patients to completely understand potential risks and benefits associated with medications they take. Consumers can also identify problems and discuss their concerns with a doctor if side effects occur while under the influence of a drug.

Recently, The Journal of General Internal Medicine published a study that suggests older adults who take painkillers may have an increased chance of bone fractures and muscle deterioration. The group took 2,300 adults who are over the age of 60 who had chronic pain and found that those who took opioid medications can experience other side effects besides the ones listed above, such as: nausea, dry mouth, itching, vomiting, and constipation. Opioid’s usually include drugs such as OxyContin, Endocet, morphine, Embeda, hydrocodone and Vicodin.

This case study demonstrates the need to be an informed and educated patient when it comes to any kind of drug.


Sometimes the best course of action may not be the use of drugs but rather alternative/holistic methods of treatment. Prescription and over the counter medications can provide the best treatment, other times they may not. Recently, a problem coincided with middle aged adults who take prescription painkillers on a regular basis.

Many individuals have taken both approaches into consideration. By treating certain conditions and illnesses with medications, they are now active in alternative health approaches. A list that includes: breathing exercises, stretching exercises, Yoga, meditation, natural herbs and teas. Many enjoyable activities can also provide relief such as listening to your favorite music or reading a book. There exists a significant correlation between mind and body relationship with these alternatives.

Eating a well balanced diet is vital in preventing health problems. Medical experts suggest eating simple organic foods; avoid junk foods; fried foods and make sure to eat the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables every day. By consulting your physician(s) and doing individual research, you can obtain the best method of treatment that is right for you personally.

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