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Drug-Free Option for Chronic Pain

Posted Apr 28 2011 1:49am

needles for pain

A few days ago Staness Jonekos’ article in Huffington Post writes about her contact with acupuncture after being diagnosed with an ankle fusion. Instead of opting for an invasive procedure, she turned to acupuncture with the advise from her doctor. The result was immediate and the quality of life dramatically improved within a few sessions.

This methodology of Traditional Chinese Medicine still remains a big question mark for the general public, as we are used to modules that are scientifically proven, or at least marketing in that sense to bring assurance to consumers. We have yet learn to embrace and integrate forms of healing that are clinically effective, in hope to build an holistic module for a better care- short and long term. While modern science is still pushing to find hard evidence in a 3000+ years old medicine, hospitals all over China has long been integrating both Chinese and Western medicine, as their goal is to provide the most effective and quickest result to a country that resides more than 1.3 billion people. A doctor’s ordinary day in China often treats over 100 patients.

This article is an encouragement for changes; a leeway towards more support and push for alternative possibilities in our health system. The importance of connecting the ‘bridge’ between Eastern and Western medicine, will in time give patients alternative options to explore a better quality of life. A pain-free life.

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