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Does obesity begin in the womb?

Posted Nov 18 2008 7:59am

pregnant-300x199 Does obesity begin in the womb? New research suggests women who have a diet high in fat when they are pregnant could be increasing their baby’s risk of becoming obese later in life as they are ‘programming’ their child to do so.

Exposure to fats known as ‘triglycerides’ could be causing changes to the foetal brain that will result in effects that last the child’s lifetime.

Triglycerides from a high-fat diet circulate within the mother’s blood and can reprogramme the foetal brain to survive on the same diet as the mother. The child, when born, has effectively been programmed to become fat.

The research was carried out using rats at the Rockefeller University.

Ensuring you receive the right nutrition when pregnant isn’t just beneficial for your own health, but that of the babies health later in life as nutrition has a big impact on the genetics of your unborn child.

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