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Does Indian Food Make You Smell Bad?

Posted Oct 13 2010 4:56pm

Do you believe that ‘you are what you eat?’ If you don’t, or you are not sure, you need to know that this is true. Not only is this true, but what you eat also determines how your body smells. Many foods have an effect on the odor that comes from your body. Does Indian food make you smell bad?

Does Indian Food Make You Smell Bad?

Type of Food Plays No Role in Body Odor

Whether you eat Greek food, Indian food, Chinese food, or American food, the type of foods that you eat plays no role in whether or not you will smell bad. The ingredients used in the food, however, do play a vital role. Many foods do have the ability to cause or contribute to body odor. Some food types use a lot of a specific ingredient. For example, a lot of curry is used in Indian food.

Heritage Plays No Role in Body Odor

Just because you are Indian this does not mean that you will automatically have a body odor that is noticeable to others. Heritage plays absolutely no role in body odor. You could smell bad even if you are American or Japanese. To say that one race smells bad, or worse than others, is pure racial profiling. It’s not true at all, and these things should not be said – or thought.

The Ingredients Matter

In the end, it isn’t the type of food that you eat or what your heritage is that determines whether you will have body odor. In most cases, there are two issues that cause body odor. The first is your hygiene habits. If you don’t shower regularly, you stink.

The second thing that matters is the ingredients in the foods that you eat. For example, in Indian food, a great deal of curry is used, and curry can make you smell. Garlic can also cause you to have a garlic smell to your body – so curry isn’t the only culprit. Furthermore, too much alcohol can give your skin a sickly sweet smell as well.

If you are having a problem with body odor, start by making sure that you are showering daily, that your clothes are clean, and that you use deodorant and perfume or cologne daily. If the problem still persists, start eliminating foods that are known to contribute to body odor from your diet, and if you still smell bad, see your doctor, as other health issues could be the problem.

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