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Does accupuncture help Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome? How many treatments? How so?

Posted by Collette M.

I have just got a diagnosis of Tarsal Tunnel and would appreciate any helpful recommendations to  heal it with out surgery.
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With these types of "tunnel" syndromes I look at joint movement as well as soft tissue involvement - the two types of problems interact. Both can be helped with acupuncture, but you may need a chiropractor to properly analyze and treat any joint dysfunction. I am talking here about the relatively small gliding action between the bones that make up the ankle joint - not the gross foot movements such as generally being able to bend your ankle.

Acupuncture can release tension and reduce inflammation in the soft tissue that is compressing the nerve, which in turn causes pain, numbness and/or loss of motor control. Acupunture can also help stimulate the nerves in a way that seems to speed healing.  Keep in mind that an acupucturist may use points that are nowhere near the affected ankle, such as on the ears or in a wrist. An acupuncturist may use meridian theory to explain their value, but there is also neurolgical research to support their use (espcially the ear points) and lots of clinical experience that led to the development of the theories guiding the use of "distal" points (that is, points away from the area of the complaint).

If the condition is not severe, and there is not a lot of hypertrophy or thickening of the tendons and ligaments in the tarsal tunnel area, I would expect good relief with 3-5 treatments, maybe even fewer.
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