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Doc thinks I could have pheochromocytoma. What natural treatments could I use to manage my symptoms until diagnosis?

Posted by AngiS

"Waves" of adrenaline rush are rendering me barely functioning - I'm a nervous wreck (and that is so NOT my personality type). I have no control over when these episodes will happen or their duration. I also have heart palpitations, anxiety, chest pain, nausea, increased BP, tingling, etc. Basically, every symptom of pheochromocytoma. I also have the adrenal disorder characteristic "buffalo hump" and rounded face/thick neck. These episodes are not panic attacks and the doc doesn't believe so either. Blood tests will take 4-5 days, then if anything is abnormal, then doc will order CT or MRI. In the meantime, I need desperate help to manage my symptoms until diagnosis of whatever is ailing me. I prefer a more natural approach to managing my health so any input you may have would be greatly appreciated. He's also testing for Cushing's, hyperaldosteroma (?), and PCOS, but doesn't think it's any of those (just trying to rule things out). I have absolutely no symptoms of PCOS except for irregular periods. Thanks for any info you're able to provide!

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Sounds like this has been very difficult for you.  If you are able to find an acupuncturist in your area, you could get real and rapid relief from palpitations, anxiety, chest pain, nausea, tingling, blood pressure increase.    You could feel better immediately!  Look for a practitioner on
Also try to avoid soy. I found that when I had pheos, soy onset my attacks. Soy has a high estrogen content which can alter the body's hormones, causing onset of attacks. Unfortunately, there is not much to do to help these attacks besides removing the tumors. Good luck! I've gone through this four times myself. 
I recently had a pheo removed and can relate to those unpleasant anxiety episodes.  With treatment (surgery in my case) the symptoms will go away, so stay strong.  If you Dr. had any suspicions of Pheo, he/she should have rushed the blood tests, so you may get them very soon!  Once I found out, it was an immediate MRI with results the same day.  Things to help symptoms, eliminate any and all caffiene, try not to do anything that raises you heart rate (no working out, no sex, etc.).  If your MRI does show a pheo, your dr will likely prescribe alpha/beta blockers to control your heart rate.  I am not aware of any natural supplements for this but ask.  My resting heart rate was over 150/bmp so I did anything I could to slow down my heart before surgery.  It will get better!  Be strong and maintain a positive attitude, with it you can battle anything!
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