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Do you have any recommendations for someone diagnosed with Meniere's Disease?

Posted by Sally

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I would recommend finding an experienced acupuncturist for this.  Symptoms of Meniere's disease can be quite stubborn, and a lot of people find their doctors don't have that much to offer.  Acupuncture has a decent chance of giving you relief from the dizziness, ear ringing, and other symptoms. And, it can often correct the underlying imbalance and provide lasting results. 

Acupuncture generally looks at these symptoms as a result of energy not flowing smoothly between the head and the body.  If there is something blocking the energy flow, the practitioner will think about opening up the blockage as well as helping with the constitutional tendency to get blocked in a particular way; if energy is not well anchored in the lower body, they can work on grounding it; and if the energy is simply depleted and not nourishing the head properly, they can aim treatment and supplementing and strengthening the body's reserves. 

There's never a guarantee with Meniere's disease (or with any treatment, for any person, actually), but I think Chinese medicine is your best resource.  Let me know if I can do anything to help!


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