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Do You Get Leg Cramps from Smoking Weed?

Posted Apr 26 2010 1:17am

If you regularly smoke marijuana, and you’ve started experiencing leg cramps, you may wonder if there is a connection between the two. The truth is that there is no scientific evidence at all that suggests that there is a connection. With that said, however, marijuana and leg cramps can actually be connected if you use sound reasoning.

do you get leg cramps from smoking weed

Marijuana for the Treatment of Leg Cramps

First, as opposed to causing leg cramps, marijuana may be used to ease or eliminate leg cramps. Many people who suffer from conditions such as Restless Leg Syndrome, or RLS, has found that smoking marijuana before bedtime ease this condition.

It is important to note that there are safer ways to treat leg cramps – even those caused by RLS. Soaking in hot water before bedtime is effective, and there are also many medications now on the market to treat this condition that are all safer than the effects of marijuana.

Leg Cramps Caused by Marijuana Withdrawal?

Another way that Marijuana is connected to leg cramps is in the withdrawal of marijuana. If you’ve become addicted to marijuana, and you stop smoking it, you will experience withdrawal symptoms, and cramping is common during withdrawal. Usually, this cramping is experienced in the abdomen, but it is possible to experience leg cramps as well.

Should You Smoke Marijuana to Treat Leg Cramps?

The overall consensus in the past was that smoking marijuana for any reason is bad for you. Today, this is no longer true. Marijuana has become legal for medical use in numerous states in the United States, and doctors are actually starting to prescribe it more frequently.

However, in most cases where marijuana is prescribed, it is for the treatment of pain associated with cancer – which in no way compares to the pain of a leg cramp. While there is no actual evidence that the use of marijuana causes or eases leg cramps, there is enough evidence to know that marijuana can cause a host of other health problems.

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