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Do i have to do root channel treatment??

Posted by Ember

i have a broken tooth.i have done root channel treatment  2 years back. but havent completed the filling of tooth.pulp is removed n denstist inserted sum fibres like small rods and the place is closed temporarily.i have no problems since then.i went for only 2 it enough or will i have any problems because of this??
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Dear Ember,

You need to have this finished before you run into problems. Root canals tend to get brittle, so the tooth could crack. A crown is needed to complete the treatment.

- Dr. Victor Zeines (DDS, of

If you haven't completed treatment on the tooth, it probably just has a temporary filling material in place. Eventually the temporary material will chip out, fall out or wear away. A permanent filling needs to be placed to prevent future problems.

 Also, when a root canal is performed on a tooth, it is often necessary to put a crown on the tooth because it gets brittle and prone to chipping and breaking. It depends on the tooth location and size of compromised area on the tooth.

I would suggest making a visit to your dentist and have it checked out.


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