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Ditch the Useless Energy Drink and Fill Your Day with REAL Energy

Posted Oct 10 2008 1:17pm

get more energy Did you too get disappointed when you tried an energy drink?

They spend a lot on commercials but using energy drinks like Red Bull to gain energy is really just shooting yourself in the foot.

Red Bull is high in caffeine and sugar. It will probably give you a kick but what they don’t tell you is that it leaves you jittery, unable to focus and then weak. Just like the poor guy in this article. HEALTH BEATS: Energy doesn’t live up to its hype
If you’re really unlucky the high amounts of caffeine can also give you high blood pressure, anxiety, interrupted sleep patterns and hypertension.

Some energy drink!

How to Energize Your Day

I actually didn’t believe that it would have such a big effect on me.
I eat healthy. I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables each day. I bike and walk my kids to school each day.

But Berry Radical is amazing. It kicks in fast and it makes me full of energy the whole day.

A Berry Radical day for me is a day when:

  • I decide to paint the kitchen instead of watching TV.
  • I clean up the mess in a corner of the basement that has been lying there for months.
  • Or treat myself to a wonderful home spa evening.

It’s a day when I’m:

  • happy,
  • full of energy,
  • have all the patience I need with my kids.

But it is also a day when I go to bed on time. Because even if it gives me tons of energy I still feel my body. I still feel when I’m tried and I have no trouble sleeping.

I can not say enough good things about Berry Radical.

It is a natural and organic mixture of the worlds best antioxidants. It has an ORAC score of 7000 per sachet. And yes, you feel the power!

Of course I have tried Red Bull. It makes me want to jump up and down. If I drink it can not sit still, I can not sleep and I can not focus. I can imagine students taking Red Bull a Saturday night. But I you need energy to accomplish something then Red Bull is in the wrong direction.

The funny thing is Red Bull and Berry Radical cost about the same.

Instead of spending 3$ on Red Bull, spend it on Antioxidant Energy.

Here is more about why antioxidants are so good for us.

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