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Disease: The Outward Reflection that Emotional Trauma Creates

Posted Aug 25 2010 8:00am

I am going to tell you a story, a true story.  It's perfect for this post.

The story of my mothers death. Back in November of 2001 my mother died of lung cancer, she was fifty years old and I was twenty four.

My mother had a daughter (ME), a son, a husband, a sister, and a mother that was still alive, and a father that died of lung cancer just prior to her diagnosis.

                                                                                             FAST forward five years....................

  1. My brother: his body ravaged with advanced cancer
  2. Auntie Donna (my mom's sister): In a wheelchair from causes unknown
  3. Grandmother: In a old age home, she degenerated so quickly mentally and emotionally after losing her husband and daughter, that they took her out of her house and transferred her to an old age home.


My step father and I were the only ones not to get a physical disease. WHY?


It depends on how the persons perceives the event. For my step father the experience was not a trauma, but a liberation from an unhappy marriage. For me, it was traumatic to the extreme, but I did not suppress my emotional body, I cried and grieved as long as it took to be free from the pain. My other relatives perceived it as a trauma and they choose suppression, as a way to cope. Suppressed trauma creates disease.

I had my fair share of problems, but did not choose suppression.

Long before my brothers diagnosis, I saw illness on his face and told my best friend, Guylaine, he's dying. I don't know of what, but he's dying. He had deep green circles under his eyes, I could feel the unhappiness off him, that was deeply suppressed and killing him.  I was not in a position to tell him. Some people aren't in a space to listen, to be open. It was a process he needed to go through. He survived, but barely.

If you have illness please be advised that there is something troubling you, very deeply. It's important to love yourself enough to seek that out and let it heal.

Lindsay Tietz
, Homeopathic Doctor
Owner  Intention to Heal
Proudly Serving the Danforth Area Directly

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