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Discover The Positive Truth Abou...

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:21pm
Discover The Positive Truth About Life's Challenges ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When rough times come, each of us has an intuition of the best way to handle the stress we feel. Rather than listen to all the catastrophic predictions, we stop and first turn within for wisdom and guidance. Implicitly we are asking, is there a way of seeing things differently? And, of course, there always is.

Rather than respond automatically, we are stopping for a moment and discovering a way of looking at the world through fresh eyes. As we do this, not only do we calm down, but often discover unexpected resources we never thought we had. We do not try to analyze, or explain what is going on. Rather than try to control our experience, we learn to make friends with it, let it instruct us and be our guide.

Take a deep breath. Put down fantasies, hopes, expectations for a moment. Just simply learn to be where you are. Sit still without moving, and take in all that is going on now. Don't judge it, hate it, push it away. Be with everything, just as it is. Including yourself.

Here are some more steps in the process that will put the situation in its widest perspective.

Pointer 1 - Stop Looking For A Quick Fix

A great danger in our lives is looking for a quick fix, believing there are all kinds of wise ones around who have the answers for our lives. That is not helpful right now.

As we say in Zen, "Don't put a head on your head. What's wrong with your own, anyway?"

This is the time to develop patience, and to learn to live with things as they are. Find the good in everything that happens. Look and see what you are learning from this, how this situation is helping you grow.

Pointer 2 - Give Up Unnecessary Pressure

Most of the time we create all kinds of demands on ourselves and others. We measure our progress, compare ourselves to others, judge ourselves relentlessly. Let's stop all this for a minute. Now, just focus upon each breath, each day, each moment and experience it totally. One complete moment brings the next. When we are totally focused and mindful of where we are now, we are not lost in dreams, expectations and anguish. The path is made by walking.

Pointer 3 - Get In Touch With All You Are Receiving

Instead of focusing upon what you have lost or are losing, get in touch with all you are receiving, moment by moment, day by day. Write it down. Acknowledge it. Spend some time giving thanks. Give thanks personally, write a note, make a call. Fill your consciousness with appreciation and gratitude.

Pointer 4 - Become Aware of All You Have to Give Others

Rather than focus upon your losses, focus upon what you have to give, what others may need from you and how you can be of help. When you think of someone, take a moment to ask within, "how may I serve you?"

When you spend time trying to help another, not only will you get in touch with your own inner strength and resources, but the very act of helping, you calm down as well.

Pointer 5- Go Back To The Beginning

Many are constantly seeking more and more, always exploring new territories, ideas, relationships. However, many rush forward without really knowing where they are going. Once they arrive, they quickly set a new destination and start rushing to it again. This is a good time to realize the value of less, of letting go of that which is unnecessary, simplifying your life.

Our way is to return to the beginning. Stop, sit down, look within. Set a new destination for your life, one that involves a larger purpose. Remember where you came from, who you are, why you are and where we are all ultimately headed.

Separate what you need from what you desire. Desires can keep us whirling in circles. Needs can usually be easily met. With this in mind a larger view of life will emerge. This larger view will support you, through all the temporary ups and downs. It will also help you remember to take care of yourself and others along the way. You will receive great satisfaction from doing so.

(This article is based upon Jewish Dharma (A Guide to the Practice of Judaism and Zen), by Dr Shoshanna,
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