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Dinner Herb Pancakes…LOL…

Posted Jan 18 2010 12:00am

Dinner Herb Pancakes! Yum! It sounded delicious and healthy at the same time. Let’s fast forward a few years, first…

I love being a mom and a “Nana”! I have three precious little ones. Caleb is 8. Kayla will be three in April, and Judah will be 3 in September of this year. Each child is so precious, and they are a part of me! I think back to how quickly time has gone! Where did the time go? I mean, it seems like only yesterday that my oldest was clinging to my skirt/pants as I cooked supper. My oldest, Brandon, was 29 this past September. When I think back to how long I have read about healthy eating and natural things, wow, it blows my mind.

I have experimented with healthy cooking every since the kids were born. When Brandon was little, I wanted to limit the amount of pure sugar that he was exposed to. I would buy unflavored knox gelatin and use pure apple juice instead of water, to make naturally sweetened jello. I have a really funny story associated with experimenting. Mike and I were living in Globe, Arizona at this time. Brandon was 3 and Kelly was 1. I had a small paperback cookbook called Diet for a Small Planet. I have experimented for years with vegetarian recipes, and this particular night I decided to try a new recipe called “Dinner Herb Pancakes”. The recipe used such whole grain flours as whole wheat and buckwheat. I don’t have the original recipe, but as I recall, there was a recipe for a special sauce the was poured over these pancakes. This was not a sweet recipe. It was meant to be an entree. So, I mixed the flours, eggs, milk and special herbs called for. I lovingly made the sauce! Oh, I knew that my husband was going to be so excited that I was investing so much time and effort into the health of our family. Well, needless to say, this ended up being a disaster! If you would ask my husband, today, 26 years later what the worst meal in our entire marriage was, he would probably reply “Dinner Herb Pancakes”!!! LOL.

Lesson learned. Just because something is healthy, it doesn’t mean the family will eat it.
The most important thing when trying to make changes in your health, and the health of your family it to make sure it is appealing! Healthy food can be VERY tasty. There is nothing better to me than a fresh apple with a dollop of almond butter on it! When planning out snacks and meals for your family, take time to invest in really good cookbooks. Your success in creating a healthier food environment for your family depends on it! You can find healthy recipes that are free on the internet.

Carefully consider the amount of high glycemic carbs that you introduce to your family. When you choose vitamins for yourself and your family, make sure you are using good quality, pharmaceutical grade supplements. Choose a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Limit the amount of processed foods. I teach low glycemic lifestyle classes. As an RN, I love the concept of prevention! You can contact me at any time about my classes or what supplements my family uses Have a great day! And by the way, if you find the recipe for Dinner Herb Pancakes, and decide to try them, let me know how it goes…Joyce

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