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Dieting Tip: Cutting Calories

Posted Feb 19 2009 4:02pm

pasta Dieting Tip:  Cutting Calories I’ll let you in on a secret, the best dieting tip you’ll get.  It’s a simple equation.  In order to lose weight, you must take in less than you burn.  That’s all there is to it.  Figure out that magic number and you’re on the road to success.

I hate dieting.  Rather than existing on a diet of carrot sticks and bland salads, I’d rather cut back.  Your body will eventually back you on this.  You eat less and your body will respond.  Sometimes though, that’s not a lot of fun either.  Nor will it work without willpower.  Instead, I look for painless ways to cut calories.

1.  Cooking spray is your friend.

Consider this.  A tablespoon of oil or butter costs 100 plus calories.  Cooking spray, on the other hand, is zero calories in a short spray.  I don’t know about you, but eyeballing a tablespoon isn’t always successful either.  More likely than not, if you just grab the oil to add to your fry pan, you’re probably adding more like two or three tablespoons.  Read:  200 or 300 extra calories.

2.  Reduce on the fly.

If your recipe calls for three tablespoons of butter, add two.  Need whipping cream with that?  Use half and half or 2% milk.  Chances are you won’t miss the extra fat.  In the meantime, you’ve shaved extra calories.

3.  Measure your pasta.

Pasta is probably one of my biggest downfalls.  It’s too easy to overeat.  When cooking pasta dishes, look at pasta as an ingredient rather than the entire dish.  Measure your portions to get it right.

4.  Stop at the first sign of fullness.

Sit back.  Enjoy some light dinner conversation.  Let your body catch up with your mouth.  Savor your meal.

Simple steps can reduce your calorie intake.  That 100 calories you save will add up over time.  Besides, weight loss over time is the healthiest approach.  Do yourself a favor; cut calories painlessly. Photo by avlxyz

 Dieting Tip:  Cutting Calories

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