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Diabetes management may be helped by psychotherapy

Posted Nov 21 2008 1:55pm

diabetes Diabetes management may be helped by psychotherapy People who are diagnosed with having type 1 diabetes and struggling to control it could find help in managing their condition by implementing psychotherapy techniques, according to the latest research from British researchers.

Psychotherapy methods such as cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and motivational enhancement therapy could aid psychological problems that interfere with the control of diabetes.

Over 300 type 1 diabetes patients were assigned regular care for their condition, cognitive behaviour therapy or a combination of CBT and motivational therapy (a form of counselling that concentrates on a person’s self-motivation.

Over the period of a year, researchers from King’s College, London studied participants blood sugar levels, mood, weight, self-care activity and episodes of low blood sugar.

Patients who received psychotherapy were found to have decreased blood sugar compared to those who had regular care however the results were not seen as being significant enough nor could they know whether they would continue beyond 12 months.

Concluding on their findings, researchers did believe the effect of psychotherapy on diabetes management to be clinically meaningful and a decrease in blood sugar levels by these means would prevent any further diabetic complications.

If you are struggling to manage your diabetes, psychotherapy and CBT may prove useful in keeping your condition under control.

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