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Diabetes and Carbohydrates!!!!

Posted Jan 04 2011 11:22am
Carbohydrate or carbs comes from wide varieties of foods like rice, pie, bread, noodles, beans, milk, cookies, soft drinks etc. They come in different forms. Starch, sugar and fibers are the three famous and abundant kinds of carbohydrate.

The simple union of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon composes the sugar molecule, which is the building block of carbohydrates. The essential chains of sugar molecules are starches and fibers.

There are two groups of carbohydrates.

Simple carbohydrate, which includes sugars, fructose or fruit sugar, glucose and dextrose, grape or corn sugar, sucrose or table sugar. This type is considered bad.

Complex carbohydrate, which includes chains of three or more single sugar molecules linked together, which is considered as good.

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