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Detox Products, Effective Weight Loss or Waste of Money?

Posted May 09 2010 7:14pm

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spring cleaning detox

Do store bought cleanses work?

Or are they a waste of money?

Maybe you’re done with spring cleaning your house. How about your body?

I just watched a video about whether cleanse products mean effective weight loss or a waste of money.

The main reasons that people do a detox is to:

Does it work? Yes, a detox works. But not the cleanse products, according to the experts.

Eating more fruit and vegetables is really what makes a difference during the cleanse. The actual product doesn’t matter.

I think this is in individual choice.

Once a friend of mine tried the same cleanse product at the same time. She lost weight and all her eczema disappeared. While I felt noticed nothing.

To really understand that you must look at our normal diets. She ate a “normal” reasonably healthy American diet. While I had a large very large percentage raw food in my diet, avoided preservatives and additives and did not drink any coffee or black tea.

The conclusion is probably that she needed a detox I didn’t.

I’m firm believer in detox. A couple of days, every now and then. I always gives me huge amounts of energy. So does a 1-day fast.

Adding a couple of days of fast or detox into your weekly schedule can have amazing results on your body fat. You consume less calories so you lose weight. It’s really quite simple. However there are not a lot of weight loss diets that can promise you increased energy levels.

If a store bought cleanse product will help your motivation. Then that is the prefect choice for you.

If you have the will to do it on your own. I would recommend to spend that money on your favorite raw foods are create your own personal detox. It is really quite simple. You can find all the information you need in the article how  to detoxify your body naturally .

Read my diary from the first day I was fasting for weight loss .

Image by  D Sharon Pruitt .

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