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Detox Or Lose Weight? Do Both On The Raw Food Detox Diet

Posted Aug 20 2010 4:46am

The Raw Food Detox Diet is a detox plan crafted by nutritionist Natalia Rose. But in fact the raw food diet has been around for decades and has always served to help your body detox and lose weight when used correctly. The idea is that by detoxing thoroughly, you will lose weight because the toxins and waste that have built up in your system over the months and years weigh a substantial amount. It’s thought that we are all walking around with several pounds of waste lodged particularly in our gut. If we get rid of those toxins and wastes we’ll lose the weight of the waste. And on the Raw Food Detox Diet, we get rid of that waste by eating whole, unprocessed foods, most of which are uncooked. We should also lose weight because the fuel that we are putting into our bodies is much easier for our systems to process, so we can access the “good stuff”. Our digestive system should also begin to work more efficiently enabling us to deal with excess fat and waste more effectively, leading to further weight loss if it’s necessary.

What counts as “Raw” in this detox diet?

In this plan, food heated to more than 118°F is regarded as “cooked”. This is because it’s thought that above this temperature enzymes are destroyed. Those enzymes are vital if we are to break down, digest and utilize the nutritional content of our food properly. Some of the recipes included in the plan involve heating foods to lower temperatures so that the enzymes are preserved, so you can have warm food which is particularly useful if you’re going raw during winter months!

What am I meant to do on the Raw Food Detox Diet?

First of all, don’t worry, you’re not expected to plunge straight into a 100% “raw” diet. In fact, it’s important to ease yourself into this plan, so that there is a reasonable chance that you will be able to stick with it for long enough to really make a difference!

So you start by cutting out all the “garbage” foods such as refined grain products (cereal, pasta, rice, bread etc) and instead using lots of whole foods and fresh fruits and vegetables. This diet extensively uses the rules of food combining (keeping starches and proteins quite separate from each other, and generally eating fruits on their own) to help the cleansing and balancing process. You steadily build up the amount of raw food in the diet and all of this should bring about a thorough cleansing of the colon (don’t stray too far from available toilets at this stage of the diet!).

Now you’ll be ready to take the self-test to see which of five detox levels you need to follow.  These different levels are a really useful aspect of the raw food detox diet. This eating plan doesn’t throw you in at the deep end. It all depends on how much raw food you’re used to having in your diet already. If the answer to that is “not a lot” then it will take you fairly gently through the levels, gradually getting you more accustomed to this way of eating. You might only ever get to level two or three, and that’s absolutely fine. The mixture of raw food and food combining rules may seem a little daunting at first, but you might be surprised at how you get used to them after a while.

And the biggest benefit as far as I’m concerned is how fantastic you feel after a relatively short time. High energy levels, a clear mind and a clean, light feeling throughout your body are the norm.

As always, discovering your metabolic type so you know what types of raw food will work best for you is a definite first step. It will give you the best chance of sticking to the raw foods without feeling hunger or having blood sugar imbalances, by eating the right amount of proteins, fats and carbs that your body needs.

If you’re interested in trying a raw food diet, why not take a look at my new book Leah’s Raw Food Feast. You can find it here:

Have fun experimenting with this fantastically healthy way of eating!

Take care and stay healthy


After spending years as a nurse and medical secretary, Leah Salmon realised that orthodox medicine didn’t work and became a Naturally You Coach, helping people to use their foods and natural remedies to improve their health, instead of drugs, chemicals and surgeries. Now a published author of 2 books, a speaker, teacher and dedicated homeschooling mother to her 4 children, listen to Leah share the number one secret to great health at

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