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Damn that gluten

Posted Nov 09 2009 10:01pm
By Carol Harblin (CHHC)

I may have already spouted off about white flour and how it is damaging to the body.
But this is an important blog entry because it is very personal.

White flour products are not the best products to consume. Why? Because it's stripped of its bran.
White flour products contribute to inflammation. People may suffer itching, rashes, bloating, scratchy throat, even dry mouth.

Wheat has certainly made a name for itself within the past decade too. More and more people are becoming gluten intolerant. Why is this so?
The same reason most people become sensitive to something - over exposure. Gluten is not a very easy thing for the human body to digest. In fact, we cannot digest all of it completely. Our bodies were not made to metabolize gluten and therefore that gluten stays in the digestive tract for a long time and can cause inflammation and irritation!!!!

Even when we don't consume gluten, we can still have a sensitivity to it. Remember: if it is not fully digested, then it is still inside us. The pesticides and additives and chemicals in food can clash with that undigested gluten in our gut which can cause gastrointestinal upset!!

Those oh-so wonderful antibiotics that the doctor gives you doesn't help your digestive system any better.

I recently researched that physical stress on the body can actually bring on wheat intolerance!! This doesn't shock me too much because emotional trauma could cause an onset of dyslexia in some cases. This just proves that we are very very sensitive people. We are extremely chemically sensitive too.

But, yes, physical stress on the body could actually contribute to gluten sensitivity. Stress can effect the digestive system very easily.

With all the stress inflicted upon our emotional and physical states everyday, it's a wonder we aren't intolerant to more things!!

One of the number one symptoms of gluten intolerance is a rash.

How can we know for sure if we are intolerant to gluten? Try the anti-inflammatory diet for a week. Just one week. Dr. Weil has an anti-inflammatory food pyramid on his website.

Consume anti-inflammatory foods. Consume cooling foods and foods closest to nature. Drink lots of water and maintain proper hydration.

Thankfully in today's world, it is getting easier to find gluten-free products. Restaurants are even getting on board and are adding gluten-free items to their menu. Chicago Uno is one of the restaurants that even has a gluten-free menu.

We should be lucky that gluten-free items are more popular. Just ten years ago, it was easier trying to find Waldo.

So, don't despair. Try an anti-inflammatory diet and a gluten-free diet for at least a week to see how your symptoms are doing.
I posted an anti-inflammatory post earlier with a recipe (for soup). Go ahead and try that recipe. Yummy!
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