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Dairy is for Baby Cows....

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:00pm

To many, the idea of eliminating dairy from their diet seems an impossible request. We love our dairy....we love our cheese! Many of us won't give it up without a fight, but once we do..we see clearly why dairy is just for baby cows!

Dairy is a very common allergen for many individuals. We do not make the lactase enzyme along our gastrointestinal tracts after childhood, and so many people experience gas, bloating, increased mucous production, indigestion, weight gain, fatigue, headaches, seasonal allergies , inflammatory conditions like arthritis and some autoimmune disorders from continued consumption into adulthood. Continuing research also shows links between dairy consumption and heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, prostate and breast cancers.

Dairy includes milk, cheese, half and half, cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, sour cream, butter, and ice cream. Hidden sources include casein, whey, rennet, lactulose, lactalbumin, lactglobulin, and curd. Furthermore, dairy products such as "milk solids" are very widely used as an additive for numerous types of products. Whether these products need to be avoided depends on the reason for the dairy-free diet. Some products that often contain milk solids or other dairy items include: Breads, margarine, muesli bars, processed meats, soy cheese.

Milk Alternatives: Oat milk, Rice Milk, Hemp Milk, and Almond Milk. Soy milk is not recommended for everyone (ask your doctor if it is a good alternative for you).

Take the Dairy-Free Challenge and see for yourself what it can do for you and your health!

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