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Dai Ko Myo: Spiritual Healing ...

Posted Jan 14 2009 7:41pm
Dai Ko Myo: Spiritual Healing

All healing has a spiritual root cause. Attend to your health at the spiritual level.

Dai Ko Myo is one of the four original symbols that Dr. Usui saw on the mountain. It is the highest of all the Reiki symbols. The person using this symbol does healing for the sake of others, with pure itent.

The opposing forces within this archetype are awakening and sleep-trance.

Being awake is a state of consciousness in which we are fully and completely aware that we are spiritual beings in human form and we are all One. If a person were able to live at this end of the continuum, he or she would not need to be in human form at all. They could become ascended masters who have achieved enlightenment and passed through the veil (died to earthly concerns). We are allowed a glimpse of this state of spirit when we see through the personalities of ourselves and those around us and relate at the soul level.

On the other end of the spectrum are those of us who live perpetually in a light trance, the trance of the "walking dead". In this state, we have no recognition of our spirituality at all and we think the material world of our five senses is all there is. Most people move into this trance when there are repetitive, meaningless tasks to do. We call it being "on automatic pilot". We become "numbed out".

We cannot live too much or too long at this end. We need to move along toward the middle, where we can see the bright light of awakening and feel much rejoicing in spiritual matters yet still have recognition, acceptance, and appreciation of our human nature.

Do a daily Dai Ko Myo healing for yourself. Find a point on each shoulder blade, in the bony hollow of the back. Massage the point on one shoulder with the fingertips of the opposite hand in a clockwise motion. When you are finished, make a loose fist and lightly tap on your chest just above the breastbone about fifteen times. This exercise will stimulate the heart chakra and is valuable for your immune system.

AFFIRM with feeling: "I ask for healing at the spiritual root of all disease. My immune system is strong and healthy.
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