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Creating a Wild Remedy: Sharing Knowledge and Celebrating Tradition

Posted Jun 01 2010 6:11pm

Hello folks, here in the Canyon, the Wild Roses (Rosa woodsii) are just beginning to bloom, the Blisswort (Scutellaria potosina) is flowering beautifully (more on those very soon) and the land is green and lush with such an abundantly rainy Spring! I’ve been on a bit of a writing hiatus, and my time’s been consumed by working on many big projects, not least the Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference but also on several other exciting things I can’t really talk about just yet. What I can tell you is that I’ll be back to writing on a more regular basis very shortly, and that I’m putting together even more herbal, healing and related online goodness for ya’ll. To help make up for the lack of Kiva words lately, I want to announce a great new opportunity to get a big earful of my herbal ramblings in one concentrated dose.

Many of you know that I’m a big fan of the work of John Gallagher over at , who provides an amazing amount of free herbal information and opportunities as well as through his ongoing and interactive homestudy site/course over at .  John recently invited me to do a special FREE teleseminar for anyone who wanted to join in. Now, living out the sticks as I and my family do, seven river crossings from the nearest road on an 80 acre botanical sanctuary set within the Gila National Forest, you have to understand that I have no phone and only limited satellite internet running on a small system of solar panels. So it’s generally difficult for me to manage any sort of audio interviews of any kind. But I was so very excited about the particular subject matter that John proposed to me and the wonderful audience of this teleseminar that I really wanted to make the extra effort to do a live teleseminar.

This has all come together to become The Wild Remedy: Grassroots Herbalism from our Backyards & Beyond, a 60-90 minute free teleseminar . We’ll be talking about hands-on, down-home herbalism for everyone, including tips for beginners and for working with the wild and weedy plants all around you, including those in your own backyard! Additionally, we’ll be discussing working with common kitchen remedies, and even a bit about the energetics of foods and how you can create healing for your family through your meals every single day. I’ll also be sharing some details about the upcoming (and oh so exciting) Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference. Overall, we’ll be digging into the marrow of traditional herbalism, herbwifery, community-based healing and the many accessible ways we can each work with plants for greater health. You can find out all about the teleseminar right here, and also sign up (completely free) to participate next week.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’re also giving away some really great prizes during the teleseminar, including a free one year subscription to, one free ticket to the Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference and multiple copies of the Wildcraft boardgame.


All Photos ©2010 Kiva Rose & Jesse Wolf Hardin

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