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Continuing to Explore the First (or Root) Chakra

Posted Mar 27 2009 4:28pm

A Personal Note: For those that were expecting this post long before now, I apologize.  Interestingly, I found that I was completely ungrounded when it came to trying to write.  This is usually not the case for me so I was a bit surprised.  Since Wyatt died, I have had a very difficult time “getting back on my feet.”  This is classic root chakra symbology.  The root or first chakra governs our legs and feet and how they connect to the earth.  I will admit that I was so unbalanced that it took me a few days to begin implementing some of the balancing ideas in the previous post.  I knew what was wrong with me and, on some level, I didn’t really care enough to take steps to feel better.  Much of the time I haven’t even wanted to connect with other people preferring to go into isolation for a while.  I find it interesting how I can occasionally decide to stay stuck in a bad place when I know how to remedy the situation.  I can’t promise that I have it all figured out but I do feel I have my feet under me again.  I am much more stable, grounded and am beginning to feel like connecting to the world again.  I find it helpful to use the chakra system to both understand what is going on emotionally and to have a way to help heal myself and my emotions when I have become out of balance.

Onward, ho!  (This series of posts about the seven chakras begins here )

The first, or root, chakra is about balanced foundation, life force and personal power. It is also our connection to our family, community, ethnic group and any other groups, clubs or organizations we might belong to and relate to.  It is also about feeling like we have all we need to survive including food, shelter, warmth, security and safety.

Questions you might ask yourself about your own foundation are:

1)  Do you feel you have all that you need?
2)  Do you feel safe and secure?
3)  Do you feel grounded?
4)  Do you experience anxiety and fear in your life?

Several things can lead to feeling unbalanced in the first chakra. From your past this includes your family environment at your birth and when you were young.  A loving home with stable, reliable parents and caretakers that provided you with what you needed as a child can lead to a very solid and grounded first chakra.  However, a stressful, chaotic or abusive home where you were not provided basic essentials of food, security, safety, love and attention can seriously weaken your first chakra.  Also, in childhood, if you were exposed to anger, threatening or untrustworthy people or moving often causing a change in schools and friends would lead to an unsettled environment and an unbalanced root chakra.

1)  What was your childhood home environment like?
2)  What is the nature of your relationship with your family and friends?
3)  Were you constantly moving or jumping from one school to another?
4)  Did you feel safe as a child and that you were well provided for?
5)  Was your home life peaceful when you were growing up or was there a lot of fighting and arguing?

Present day conditions that could unbalance your root chakra include losing or changing jobs, not having a job or reliable source of money, working with people that you do not like or connect with, getting married, divorced, ending a relationship, moving, fighting or arguing, becoming ill or experiencing the sudden illness or death of someone you love.  To stay balanced we need a life that is stable, familiar, predictable, safe and secure.  I think that at this point in time with the war continuing, the economic picture becoming so bleak, so many people losing their jobs and their homes that the country as a whole is suffering from some level of unbalanced foundation or first chakra.

1)  Do you feel safe in your home?
2)  Do you have a job where you like your work and those who you work with?
3)  Do you like your boss?
4)  Do you feel secure that you can afford what you need and can pay your bills?
5)  Does your life feel stable and predictable?

Because life cannot always be counted on to provide the perfect environment for a balanced root chakra, it becomes important that you find ways to stay internally balanced when externally things are shifting and changing.  It is good to know what calms your spirit, soothes your soul and makes you feel nurtured, safe and secure.  You can help yourself by keeping some amount of ritual and routine in your life, eating healthfully and regularly, getting plenty of restful sleep and exercising.  A nice way to help balance your foundation is to bring life into the house in the form of pets or plants.  Working with plants has the added benefit of getting your hands into the earth which is enormously grounding.  I even find that chores such as cleaning and organizing my house, cooking or doing laundry can ground me as quickly as anything else.

Caroline Myss has an amazing way of looking at the chakra system and relating its being unbalanced to illness in our body.  She talks about how we leak energy (of which we are given a certain amount each day to function in our lives) into our unresolved issues from childhood, problems in present day with our relationships, jobs, finances, or our fears about the future.  When we leak out enough of our daily energy that we go into energy debt then the energy needed to run our lives is pulled from our cellular tissue.  Thus, illness ensues.  The type of illness depends on where we are leaking energy and which chakra is affected and which parts of the body the affected chakra governs.  I find it too much information to explain it all here but she has an excellent series of videos (each approximately 10 minutes) on YouTube.  I have found them fascinating and very informative.  An added benefit is that she is an excellent teacher with a dry sense of humor that I really enjoy.

The links for the videos are:
Volume 1 (1 of 10) - An Introduction
Volume 1 (2 of 10) - She begins to explain how she reads the chakras and energy leakage
Volume 1 (3 of 10) - A continuation of the previous and she begins to discuss the First Chakra
Volume 1 (4 of 10) - More about the First Chakra
Volume 1 (5 of 10) - She finalized the First Chakra and Begins to move onto the Second

I hope that you find these videos as helpful and enjoyable as I have.

It was too much information to address here but if you have any interest in the chakras and Kundalini then you might enjoy the book “Wheels of Light; Chakras, Auras and the Healing Energy of the Body” by Rosalyn L. Bruyere.  I have not finished reading the entire book but what I have read about the first chakra and the Kundalini energy was quite informative.

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