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Complimentary Therapy vs. Western Medicine

Posted Jan 03 2010 8:57am
Greetings to all my fellow healers and "New Agers" Yes, we are in a new age. We have been since Lord Buddha and Jesus came into this world. It has taken till now for the world to start to see that. We are known as the "tree huggers" ,"new agers", "metaphysical crowd" and occultists, etc etc etc. I am sure many of you have seen the Matrix movies. Where Laurence Fishburne(spelling?) and crew are the only one that see the world around us as it truly is. The rest of the world just goes about its business as usual.

Alternative Medicines or Complimentary Medicines/Therapies as they are known have also been around since the dawn of time. We live in a fear based world where the traditionalists are afraid to try anything that works and is out of the box or not FDA approved.

There are people out there herbalists, medicine men and women, Shamans, Healers who can safely heal and help cure many of the diseases and sicknesses that exist in this world. The drub companies, and hi-tech medical companies are in control and afraid of the economic impact the "natural way" can affect there profits.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher who spent 17 years in law enforcement and 25 years in the military. I was blessed with having a mother who's transition to the other side was my transition into healing. Now, "healing does not necessarily mean curing" . Reiki, pronounced Ray key is an ancient Japanese method of stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing in one or all of four ways: Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual. It is being used for chemo patients in many hospitals around the world.

It is a scientific fact that we have an electromagnetic field around us and each and every cell in our body. Reiki is one of hundreds/thousands of methods used to work with the energy field, called the Aura. Most people have heard the word Aura and know what it is.

There are those that are afraid of healing modalities such as Reiki. They think it is a religion or an occult.

I have worked with animals and people. People with fibromyalgia and lupus. Reiki has been known to strengthen the immune system. It also works with the nervous system.

People would rather take a dozen pills rather than just try something like reiki. I am NOT saying that Reiki replaces medical attention. But it compliments it!

Namaste' Rev.Joseph Modica
Covered Bridge Studio: School of Healing Arts
Roscoe, NY 12776
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