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Coming Clean

Posted Jan 19 2010 6:59am
Well, it's about time for a new post! Over a month has passed since the last post. Between Christmas and my client work, it's been a busy start to the New Year. I've also encountered a larger than normal number of setbacks. Truthfully, I told my sister on the telephone this week that I felt like I was being picked to death by a chicken. Death of the spirit by a thousand tiny pecks, like a beak pecking away. First, our heating system has been partially offline for a month, and the HVAC guy, good as he is, has to keep ordering parts. My dog has a tapeworm (EEW but yeah, it happens) and her medicine cost me more than I bargained for. Of course she got the medicine, but medicine is as expensive as people medicine. Then someone has been emailing me, convinced I copied something of hers and am profiting by it; it's pure coincidence that our work is similar, and I have never heard of her before, but she is seeing all sorts of nefarious doings on my part. Micro managing clients and a co-presenter who bailed on me round out my month of tiny pecks...oh wait; I forgot the so-called "raw food leader" who was nasty and dismissive of a presentation proposal I sent to her for a conference. She was pretty mean with me, saying "You're not a leader in the raw food movement and not 100% raw so we are not interested in what you have to say." Then yesterday, the toilet in the bathroom next to my office broke, and I found my husband sitting on the bathroom floor amidst a scattering of parts he couldn't figure out, the cat halfway into the open toilet tank, and the dog trying to dunk the cat by pushing his little blubby body into the water.

Can you say...ARGH?

I've been going on a lot of long walks. I admit to hitting the chocolate bars this week. One Mr. Goodbar, however, and a miniature Butterfinger does not make me a failure.

I thought I'd come clean with you about my food journey. It's not been easy. I have been eating lots of chips lately, and munching peanuts like they're going out of style.

I wanted to come clean. So I cleaned house.

Voila - my clean kitchen - ready for breakfast of fresh fruits

The white box is my sprouter. I have organic salad sprouts started there.

This week has been easier. Fruit until noon, then a lunch on my food plan and dinner with the family. Instead of peanuts, I've been eating sprouts by the handful. The crunch is satisfying and they're packed with enzymes.

I'm not perfect, but I am looking on the bright side. I didn't stuff myself with sugar this week. I wasn't completely abstinent on my food plan (the Mr Goodbar actually tasted awful...too that got rid of my temptation for chocolate) but I wasn't awful, either.

Today is a new day. God willing, like Jack La Lane, I prayed for the will to eat to nurture my body.

So my kitchen is stocked with healthy foods, my mind is made up; now all I have to do is follow through.

That's the hard part!
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