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Cold and flu season: Are you prepared?

Posted Apr 15 2013 2:50am

Soon the weather will begin to cool, as autumn sets in and winter approaches. We can start unpacking warmer clothes, and snuggle into those fluffy slippers in the evening. The change of seasons also heralds the start of the cold and flu season. If you’re clever, you can get prepared well in advance so you’re less likely to catch an infection, and recover faster (and completely) if you do succumb.

Being prepared is more effective than taking action after the infection has established itself. Have the remedies you’ll need on hand, because you’re not likely to want to shop for and choose a ‘flu remedy if you’re already feeling sick. Some people are rightfully proud of their cold-beating strategies that they’ve developed over many years, and which they set in motion as soon as they feel the symptoms of a cold. If your immune system is already in tip-top shape you’re also a step ahead, as then you’re even less likely to pick up the germs floating thickly through the atmosphere.

There’s another very good reason why you should bother to plan ahead for the ‘flu season. Cold and flu viruses are innovative creatures. They keep changing their form to stay a step ahead so they can evade recognition and early destruction by your immune system before their infection can get established comfortably. Each winter I’m surprised by the increasing ferocity of these viruses. Who knows whether it’s the increasingly crowded world we live in, or weaker immune systems; whatever the reason, it’s becoming increasingly important to be prepared for your meeting with this year’s version of the cold & flu viruses.

Your natural health practitioner (that's me, if you're a client of mine!) can help you select the right remedies for you, as they know your body’s individual weak spots. Some people respond best to herbs, others homoeopathics or nutrient-based remedies. Your practitioner (me, again!) can also point out where you need to be extra vigilant with your diet, helping you develop strategies to continue eating plenty of fresh food over winter. Phone me on (02) 6672 6255 - right now, while it's fresh in your mind, and we can establish a plan for you.

If you do succumb to the virus, don’t become one of the people harbouring a ‘flu that just won’t die. Battling an infection uses up an immense amount of energy. As soon as you feel the symptoms starting, it’s important to rest, lots, as well as use the right remedies. If you don’t take it easier you may still have an infection six months later, that has now become chronic because you decided to just battle on.

Keeping all this in mind, here’s your winter health action plan: Continue eating fresh raw food every day as a salad or vegetable juice; get plenty of rest; pick up your winter cold remedies from your health practitioner (or me!), and get home to bed fast if you feel a flu starting, so your immune system has the energy to throw it off.

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