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Colchicum autumnale – do not interrupt me

Posted Sep 22 2008 4:37pm 1 Comment
Colchicum is a beautiful autumn crocus. It has a thin and very unstable looking stem with no leaves for support making it appear fragile but when grown in masses the group seem to hold each other up but when grown singly inclement weather soon topples the plant right over. From this we could begin to understand how Colchicum needs ‘the group’ to feel as if they belong – there is a need to have support of some kind to remain upright and if this is not available the diseased state will be characterised by feeling left out and excluded. They do not like the status quo to be disturbed, and yet there is a strong sensitivity within this remedy that requires a constant need to adjust. This contradiction is seen by disturbing the status quo they are upset by this, it disturbs the group and yet they need frequent adjustment otherwise they feel trapped by the group.

How does Colchicum show this by way of symptoms?

The most well known disturbance with Colchicum is the extreme reaction to smells, especially that of food and even more specifically fish and eggs. They can go so far as to crave these substances but when they smell them they collapse, can faint or at least very nauseous – need but then reject.

Prostration comes also in the form of colitis or dysentery type symptoms. There will be mucous, blood, pain, prolapse, diarrhoea and yet also an ineffectual urging whereby the stool cannot be expelled – hanging on. The stomach and rectum symptoms will always be < < < by strong smells. Icy coldness is felt in the stomach and the abdomen distended and continuously rumbling. Interestingly they desire fizzy drinks (like Phos-ac) as if the effervescence provides an acceptable stimulation. One form of collapse that does ameliorate is bending over forward – this they will do (like Colocynthis) to >>> the pains in the abdomen or stomach.

Colchicum affects the joints, mainly the small ones and has an affinity to muscles, fibrous tissue and gout type symptoms are common. Muscles give way in a relaxed manner and again there is a tendency to collapse. Motion or any type of exertion < < < (fearful of moving away) and so they will hang on to prevent movement. Even being touched will cause paroxysms of pain and discomfort. The intense pains are due to the alkaloid Colchicine and pains can be tingling, crawling, dragging, tearing, drawing, electric shock like, stinging, or sharp.
There is an affinity to the uric acid diathesis and you can also picture this as an accumulation that is difficult to break up as it forms stones and gouty swellings. Urine is usually highly coloured – anything from pale yellow through to dark red and even black!

It is easy to understand that the backbone comes into the symptom picture. The whole back aches and requires pressure and stillness so as to avoid collapse.

They are concerned about their public image. To be accepted as part of the group they feel it is their duty to behave correctly (in an upright manner) and do not tolerate well the bad behaviour of others – this too disturbs the status quo.

They do not like to be interrupted as this also disturbs the status quo, they lose their train of thought and forget everything, thinking becomes clouded. They can get quite irritable with this.

They rarely complain about their pains as this also interferes with the passive state so they appear to be quite indifferent to their plight. If not indifferent the they will play to being cheerful and unperturbed.

In the same manner they do not like it when people argue or fight, they want peace and for all to be cared for and behave properly (like the Magnesiums) – this peace must not be interrupted by anything whether it be bad behaviour or bad smells, exertion, touch, changing weather (remember this is an autumnal plant), even vibrations (one of the pain sensations is that of electric shock).

The sleep is disturbed – dreams of animals mainly but also that someone is under the bed. This is another expression of disquiet and disturbance that will need to be dealt with and loss of sleep does not do well for them because the mind becomes over active, overly disturbed.

Anything that interrupts is going to create a strong reaction and yet there will always be a need to adjust or modify, shift, so as to maintain peace. Powerless, needing the support, cannot tolerate disturbance and yet needs adjustment.
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