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Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy

Posted Mar 09 2010 3:47am

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, has been used more progressively to treat a wide range of problems. Today, more therapists are using Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy, known as CBGT to treat those same problems, with a great deal of success. CBT has been used since the 1960s, but CBGT has only been used over the past decade or so. Often, a combination of CBT and CBGT are used for people who will benefit from this type of therapy.

cognitive behavior group therapy

What is Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy?

This type of therapy is essentially the same as CBT, except that it takes place in a group setting. During the group therapy sessions, cognitive restructuring is employed, which serves to change negative thoughts. Exposure is also used which allows the individual participants to face their fears. During the therapy process, pre-specified steps and exercises are taken to lead toward the desired outcome. Although there is specified plan for each type of therapy, the plan may be altered for each individual in private therapy, or for a group for group therapy.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy used for?

Just as CBT is used to treat certain disorders and issues, CBGT is used to treat those same disorders and conditions. These include mood disorders, eating disorders, anxiety, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, and even substance abuse problems. Each of these specific problems or disorders will require a specific method of CBT or CBGT. Other conditions treated with CBT or CBGT include insomnia and severe mental disorders, and this type of therapy works for adults, adolescents, and even smaller children. Naturally, the standard plans are altered to suit the age of the individual or group as well.

Whether the individual is receiving private therapy or group therapy, there will be exercises, or homework assignments that the person must complete in order to reach the goal of the therapy. This is in addition to the group or individual therapy sessions.

Different Methods for Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy

While cognitive behavioral therapy is often conducted in a set way, there are different types of CBGT that you should be aware of. These include rational emotive behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, and multimodal therapy. Other types of CBGT include computerized CBT. It is also important to realize that even in a group setting, CBGT is rarely used alone. It is usually used in concert with mood stabilizing drugs in many cases, and it could also be used in conjunction with private CBT as well.

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