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Client with Mucous in the Lungs

Posted Oct 08 2008 6:07pm

I need a little bit of help with a client. She is a FAST para thyroid type. Her blood type is O and was born in south America. She now lives in London, which is most of the time damp! Her main objective is to loose weight! SHe trains with a CHEK trainer and structually she is in very good hands. The advice I need is how to help her with her lung problem. She has mucus on the lungs. She has had asthma since she was 20yrs old and is now 58yrs old. She constently talks through her nose and is congested alot. The accurpuncturist says her pulse in the liver is full/fast/ constrited. SHe feels the cold in her extrenities. I know she is better of in warmer climets but her condition can also change depending on the atmosphere. she takes Hepguard Fort - biocare for the liver.
Her cholesterol levels are in the mid range, however she has been doing MT for 3 weeks.
Recently she has been waking up in hot sweats about 5am in the morning. SHe goes to bed for 10.30pm. She coughs alot in the morning. She takes a HRT replacement of 2.5 mg for about 6 months now.
She is committed to her health and is adapting to protein very well! She has not lost any weight however not gained any either yet is alot stronger in the gym.  Is there anything else I can be doing for tis client? A liver cleanse? All advise would be greatly appreciated.

I can give you some advice based on what you have provided:
There are a ton of acupuncture points and herbs that help with this condition. This can be due the damp heat in the body, the triple warmer no up and down bearing, the Lungs not down bearing and so forth. I have found many herb decotions to work great, so I would have her bring this up to her TCM practitioner. The herb tea pills do not work great for something such as this. So she needs raw herbs and teas to assist. One simple one she can put in Yin Chiao tea is Lian Zhi.
2. Dehydration is typically a cause as well. The bronchial need to stay moist in order for us to breath. When we are dehydrated the body over produces mucous to adapt to this situation. How is her water intake? As well, celtic sea salt is a natural anti-histamine and mucous breaker. Have her wake up and first thing drink a warm cup of water with a LARGE pinch of celtic sea salt.

3. Food additives, nitrites, etc easily can cause issues such as this.

4. The number one food intolerance that will cause increased mucous build up is dairy. I don’t care if it is organic or raw, I have tested lots of people and initially until they heal and heal their gut they need to stay off it. Has she been tested, does she take in a lot of dairy, etc?

5. Is she working with a CHEK Level 3 or is the practitioner a lower level? She needs a upper quarter assessment of her repiration, atlas, etc.?

6. Here is a clip from an Asthma article I wrote for years ago. Hope this helps as well.

In my clinical opinion, this is one of the most important aspects when working with a client with asthma. Within our industry, many clients and trainers have a misconception of what health is. As Paul Chek says, “health is taking responsibility for one self (4)!” This does not mean that because you exercise, have abs, eat chicken and protein powder during the day that you are healthy. Health means taking responsibility in all aspects of life. That’s what the holistic approach encompasses compared to the convention approach. We seek to heal the person with the disease, not the disease that has the person (5). If you focus on the asthma (wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath), then you will be going around in circles forever. Those symptoms are the byproduct of the real problem. There is an underlining problem, whether it is structural, nutritional, mental or emotional, that is the cause of all the symptoms.

Anytime you are eating the American C.R.A.P (Caffeine, Refined/Processed foods, Alcohol/Aspartame, and Pasteurized milk) diet or not for your Metabolic Type (Read Metabolic Typing Diet by Bill Wolcott), you are causing stress to your bodies energy systems (5). What does stress cause…increased energy, fire or what we call inflammation! Inflammation causes an –itis of some sort and then chronic result of an –itis is an –osis of some sort (not enough or drained energy). When there is inflammation in one area, there will be inflammation in other areas of the body. When you eat an unhealthy diet or lead a poor lifestyle, these can influence the health of other organs as well. The liver, along with the stomach, intestines, appendix, pancreas, and kidney are all capable of reflexing into the diaphragm (5). When the above organs are inflamed, they can cause inhibition to the diaphragm. The diaphragm is the one of the main muscle for respiration and is innervated by the phrenic nerve (C3, 4, and 5)(9). When viscero-sensorimotor loop is interrupted by either poor posture or nutrition in this case, the diaphragm is inhibited. The accessory muscles have to work harder and the end result is chest breathing. Cleaning up your client’s diet, whether or not they have asthma, will always increase the energy flow and vitality of the entire person.

One of life’s biggest secrets when it comes to asthma is water. Now some of you might be saying how can lack of water cause asthma or water assist in relieving the asthmatic client’s symptoms? I want to discuss the role of histamine in the body, as well as salt and hopefully by that point you will have a better grasp on the importance of water.

Histamine is a natural occurring neurotransmitter in the body that regulates water metabolism and distribution in the body(8). You might have heard of the word histamine used in anti-histamine medications to get rid of a runny nose of a cold. Well, I am going to educate you on a holistic way to decrease histamine levels in the body without taking over the counter toxic medications. They do more harm to your insides than good. As you learned above that inflammation can cause inhibition, well taking over the counter medications is a great way to cause inflammation in the stomach and liver, causing inhibition of the diaphragm.

“It has been recognized that asthmatics have an increase in histamine content of their lung tissue and that is the histamine that regulates bronchial muscle contractions (Batmangheligdji, 115). Dehydration is one of the many major stressors that we can inflict upon our body. I would have to say that 100% of the clients that walk through my door are dehydrated. As well, when they start drinking the recommended amount of half your body weight in ounces of water a day (8), most of their aches and pains are alleviated. When we are dehydrated, the body releases more histamine to regulate who and what gets water and where it goes. When you are short of breath, the histamine is causing vasoconstriction in the lungs preserving water for the lungs. When we breathe, water is evaporated in the lungs. But when there is an increase in histamine, there is constriction and less water evaporation, which is a natural conservation of the body’s water. So if you have asthma, have a client with asthma, or know anyone with this disorder, one of my first recommendations is to drink water!

The next thing I want to talk about in relation to water is potassium. Many Americans, young and old, drink OJ in the morning secondary to the belief that it contains lots of vitamins???? The OJ of today is just enriched, full of sugar, and full of harmful pesticides, herbicides and fungicides from the GMO Oranges that are used. My recommendation is to stay away from it either way. As well, OJ contains high levels of potassium. According to Dr. Batmangheligdji in Your Bodies Many Cries for Water he states that “high loads of potassium in the body can promote more than usual histamine production (Batmangheligdji, 119). As you know, histamine causes vasoconstriction, which will exacerbate your client’s symptoms. The only thing are body was designed to drink was water. Drinking water in the morning will not only aid in the healing process of asthma, but also aid with digestion and much much more.

For more information on the benefits of water and its hidden secrets, read:
1. How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy by Paul Chek
2. Your Bodies Many Cries For Water by Dr. Batmangheligdji
3. Hidden Messages in Water and The True Powers of Water by Masura Emoto

The last topic in relation to water is salt. I am not talking about our toxic and bleached table salt (NaCl). I am talking about Celtic Sea Salt which is taken from the ocean, dried naturally and then sold without being chemically altered. When you are dehydrated, you body begins to conserve salt (8). The problem is that with the C.R.A.P diet of America today, people are either eating too much NaCl or they are on a salt free diet of some sort. So when it comes to dehydration and the conservation of salt, this can be a problem. How does salt relate to water in the body, as well as asthma? Well, when we breathe in and out, the body needs water to keep the lungs and airways passages moist. When we are dehydrated, the bodies produce mucous to protect the lungs and the airways. Over a period of time and dehydration, there is more mucous build up and air has trouble going in and coming out. The end result is chronic asthma and a life of constant phlegm. Well, this is the point that salt comes in. First off, salt is a natural antihistamine, as well as a mucous breaker. In order for the body to be reassured, there must be water and salt present before there is relaxation and secretion of the mucous. “A pinch of salt on the tongue after drinking water fools the brain into thinking a lot of salt has arrived in the body. It is then that the brain begins to relax the bronchioles (Dr. Batmangheligdji, 120). Instead of placing salt directly on the tongue, what I recommend my clients to do is to put a pinch of the salt in every water bottle they drink. For the asthmatic client, I recommend two pinches.
With Qi,
Joshua Rubin, OTR/L
EastWest Healing and Performance
3129 Tiger Run Ct, Suite 115
Carlsbad, CA. 92010

“Helping people to help themselves!”

Your reality is a reflection of your beliefs! We create it, no one else! If you don’t like it, it is your choice to change it. Change it by taking ownership of your consciousness and beliefs, not blaming others for who are where you are in life!
-Collin Tipping

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