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Client with Herpes

Posted Dec 02 2008 4:54pm 1 Comment

Hi Josh,
My name is Ms. P! First of all, I’d like to tell you how much I look forward to reading your suggestions on the MT forum. You are so knowledgeable. I was wondering if I could trouble you w/ a question. What do you know about cold sores (herpes) on the lips? I tried to google it and all that came up was cold sores and MS. There was no suggestions on how to treat it holistically and or the cause of it. I know you are busy and understand if you can’t get into great detail so maybe you can refer some reading material or website that can help me out. Thank you in advanced for any help and suggestions.


As for your question, herpes is a virus no matter how you slice it. It can be oral or gential, but both are the same demon with a different face to it. Herpes or cold sores are easy to get from kissing others, it can even happen from just touching someone with an open sore. Typically, cold sores with reap their nasty heads in times of stress, which as you know there are many faces to that (EMF, chemical, env, nutritional, mental, emotional, physical, and more!).

The goal here is improving overall vitality, immune system health and adaptation to stressors in your life. You cannot cure this, but you can keep it under wraps with a nice health and vital body. Here is what I would do with a client like you. Keep in mind I have not asssessed you, so my recs are general. If you have more questions, want more answers, we can talk about consutling, working together, etc if needed:

Figure out what the stressors are in your life and learn ways to adapt to them. Ex. Organic foods, sleeping, water, thoughts, breathing, meditation, enjoying life, etc)

1. I would fun a gut test and adrenal test to see what is going on. As these both will help improve your immune system if working correclty.
2. I would do the 4R gut healing program, which you can find on my blog and YouTube page. This is ongoing and should take 3-6 months.
3. I would would do an elimination diet (sugar, soy, all dairy, eggs, and gluten) and follow the paleolithic diet as well
4. I would go to and purchase one of their immune system supportive supps. This is something I would take for a while on and off.
5. You can find alternative treatments that align with you such as TCM (acupuncture). Heat in the stomach can cause cold sores. You can try essential oils melissa, clove, lavender, thieves, tea tree, niaouli, etc. I would muscle test which treatment might aling with your being.

The cleaner the gut, the better your immune system, as 75-85% of the immune system is in the GALT system in the gut. You want to eat good quality organic living foods, heal the gut, and support the immune system. But you need to make sure all the other systems (gut, adrenals, NT, detoxifcation, etc) are in order. You are only as strong as your weaket link.

Hope this helps!

With Qi,
Joshua Rubin, OTR/L
EastWest Healing and Performance
3129 Tiger Run Ct, Suite 115
Carlsbad, CA. 92010

“Helping people to help themselves!”

Your reality is a reflection of your beliefs! We create it, no one else! If you don’t like it, it is your choice to change it. Change it by taking ownership of your consciousness and beliefs, not blaming others for who are where you are in life!
-Collin Tipping

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The symptoms and pain cold sores can be treated and shorten. For more information: Treatment for herpes.

Cold sore on lip

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