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Client with Cellulite

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:37pm

I really don’t know where to go with her next. We have been working together for about 1 year. Her main concern when she came to see me was weight around her hips and rear, and what she described as abundant cellulite. She was working out about 5x per week doing vigorous cardio as well as weights. I talked to her about adjusting her exercise routine and she started following her metabolic type program (Fast/Sympathetic). I also did an adrenal stress profile #205, a liver profile #101 and Mucosal Lining test #304. Her results showed that she has high urinary lipid peroxides (7.91), her urinary bile acid sulfates are a high normal (8.50). Her Adrenal Stress Profile indicates stage II adrenal stress with high morning cortisol (usually indicating an infection). What is confusing me is that her 304 test only shows
Aerobic Bacteria IGA abnormal - everything else is in the normal range. I was expecting abnormal dietary proteins as well as clearer signs of bacteria or infection. Would the next step be a pathogen test 401H? and possibly the MRT LEAP test?

Cellulite in that area is a sign of:

1. Increased toxins in the body that still have not been let go off. Fat stores toxins

2. Women get this more from yo yo dieting, etc, which increases the amount of the lipolytic (fat storing) enzymes

3. This is typically a sign of a hormone imbalance, esp if the cellulite is in that area. This is a sign of high androgens (from dieting, sugar, stress, etc) and estrogen dominance.

Joshua Rubin

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